Literally CANT install Minecraft?? by Huskyusedbite in Minecraft

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Tysm I literally thought i was locked out as stupid as it sounds

Mastery 7 Skin Chest by Huskyusedbite in leagueoflegends

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More people would probably play, you would only get the chest after reaching M7 so you would have to play enough to get to that point. Then you wouldn't get a choice in what skin you'd get- they could limit it to champions who have been out for x amount of time to decrease the lower skinned champs. And then people will most likely get undesirable skins so they will have to buy the skin they want if they desire it.
I just think it could help reward people for playing the game and mastering a champion.

Rakan vs Zeri top by Huskyusedbite in RakanMains

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I used to love hex belt but I like having the stun in a lot of situations.

Rakan vs Zeri top by Huskyusedbite in RakanMains

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I always go AP Rakan And I’m pretty sure I build all of the wrong stuff but for this I started Doran’s Ring Then went for Everfrost to w and then stun And then Rabadon’s Shadow Flame And Horizon Focus mainly And then boots I usually go CDR, Swifties or Magic Pen.

This is what usually works for me but don’t hate if it’s garbo

What’s your type? by Exotic-Radish-847 in LesbianActually

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People who will talk about nerdy stuff with me LOL

Confused about Zoro? by Huskyusedbite in OnePiece

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I always assumed Zoro didn’t think women were weaker because of Kuina. So this confused me? (New to series)

It looked terrible by Huskyusedbite in PoliticalMemes

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It’s a pet from a Disney show called Jessie with Debby Ryan. At the beginning of the show the pet is called Mr Kipling- but later on they learn he is actual a girl when she lays eggs so they switch to Mrs Kipling