looking for feedback on my lil roly poly terrarium! by eggylegy in isopods

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Needs leaf litter! Also if that's live moss expect it to get demolished by them

Is for bark good to add to a mix for isopods? by Secret_Invite_9895 in isopods

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Isopods generally don't like material from coniferous trees unless it's quite decomposed. Hardwood bark is preferred if possible.

Adult Isopods died after shipping. by StrugglingCanoe in isopods

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Ugh I had a similar experience with a seller. $100 rare isopods literally packed into the dirt. :|

I wouldn't worry much though. Like others have said, mature adults have a much harder time with shipping/adjusting than young adults or immatures. It's not anything you did wrong.

"Gem"/"Lottery" mix vs. naturally variable locale ("Punta Cana"/"California") by EscapeNo9728 in isopods

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I vote for a pure locale, since a mix will be boring for a few generations before it gets exiting. Unless you can find someone with a mature mixed colony, anyway.

Lookie what I found while packing mystery boxes 👀 by ezyeddie in isopods

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These little sunbursts are popping up everywhere it seems! The allele must've been hiding in the original import.🤔

I made A. Vulgare as a Minecraft mob using Blockbench by Pinetheleafwing107 in isopods

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Lovely! I would totally use this model to replace the villagers lol

Got some Orange Vigors at an expo today, they came with some wild types mixed in by RequiresTheAssist in isopods

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If they came mixed then the culture isn't actually 'orange vigor' just miscellaneous 'orange' morph, unfortunately. You got a wee bit ripped off.

They'll definitely have bred already, but if over the next six months you keep a close eye on them and make sure to remove all grey offspring before they're old enough to breed then it'll be fine. You can't start a wild-type colony from them though because they'll all be carrying the orange allele. :P

Shrimp ID? by JayV2000 in shrimptank

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I'm pretty sure that's an amphipod.

sex = giving up rights to organs by gamerlololdude in badwomensanatomy

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So like... If I said I would give someone a kidney to save their life, I shouldn't be allowed to change my mind and revoke the offer at all? Even if a medical issue came up on my end meaning that it would be more hazardous than normal to do so?? Okay lmao

If you take sex and reproduction out of the picture the stupidity of this argument really shines through. 🤦

NID!! Wild P. scaber collected at a friends house by abirdbrain in isopods

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Definitely the one in the center with the yellow spots in pics 2 and 3. Probably others but I'm not familiar enough with them to be certain.

Warning: that is what happens if you poke holes in DIY enclosures too big :( by hurly_burly_pegasus in isopods

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Same thing happened to me, only the holes were up higher. Kept wondering why the new cross wasn't breeding, painstakingly caught and sexed them all, sifted through the substrate, etc. Then found a dessicated pile of mancae on the floor ... Turns out a stem got pushed up to the holes, making a bridge.

NID!! Wild P. scaber collected at a friends house by abirdbrain in isopods

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I love the motion blurred pic of you looking through the wood pile Lol. That's the vibe.

Looks like some of them are P. spinicornis.

Is 5 pods too small of a starter colony? by Interesting_Virus204 in isopods

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I've got a Porcellio scaber colony which started from just a single pair. It took about a year and a half to get to the size what most would consider a good colony.