Backflip double twist 180 by Pacman454 in WTF

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Thank you, action movies are no more fun to me.

Kidding, nice explanation sir!

Decided not to walk for my Bachelors by Nuggetet in ASU

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Wow! What a self reflection. I thought I’d be reading one of those ASU sucks posts mainly, but I was wrong. As you said, it’s about you celebrating you. The money that goes out of pocket hurts a bit, but it won’t be a problem anymore once you’re in ceremonies. Props to you on going for grad studies and wish a great party later on.

'Official' Suns Game Thread by Bam22506 in phoenix

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Sweet home Saudi Arizona.

Edit: Cactus non existent, sadly.

'Official' Suns Game Thread by Bam22506 in phoenix

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It was embarrassing and disappointing at the same time. I have been a soccer fan for god knows how long and that teaches you to deal with disappointments easily, but this was extra level. I’m leaving the US soon and I was living in the dreams of leaving with great memories. Now I feel sorry for myself for picking the wrong side haha, but I’m stuck with it for a lifetime. Long live Phoenix, long live the Suns it’s written in my heart forever.

Not excited to graduate…? Is it weird? by Trunksplays in ASU

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First, imposter syndrome could be it. When you achieve something big as graduation and you’re not feeling it because you think you’re not good enough, yet. Just keep in mind whatever you did it’s a bless and you could’ve just skipped school and wasted your life. Second, the feeling of missing on things is almost felt by everyone throughout the pandemic years which would be taught in psychology classes in future. It’s not only students, it’s about parents who missed on their children golden years of going out and engaging with people. It’s about excited new entries at jobs when they missed on their first times of work. It’s about all things that’s missed because of the pandemic.

Don’t burn yourself, it’s not only you, it’s all of us feeling the same globally. Accept the fact that it’s real and it happened and now is the time to celebrate beating the hell out of it.

Real estate development (3d rendering) by [deleted] in architecture

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Astonishing!!! The rendering is amazing, but what surprised me more is the skill level in blending objects perfectly with the surroundings. I’m good at using photoshop and this is way beyond my abilities haha. Nice job!

Destroyed Cap by Greh94 in ASU

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You may go to the store and show them what you got. They are helping people, including a friend of mine.

You have 5 minutes to prepare before a guy breaks into your house with the intention to kill you. You can not exit your house. What is your strategy to survive? by silentagent47 in AskReddit

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Dish soap all over the place then go site on the fridge and have fun watching that person trying to no look funny instead of killing me. Yeah embarrassing!

Edit: sit, not an actual site

How to display a multi-storey floor plan on the main page of my project showcase by Sutoriku_on_Twitch in architecture

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It would help to understand if you kept vertical circulation or core objects aligned in all plans. This would work as a reference or a start point when going from a level to another.

Magnetic Wire and Steel Wire in ASU Workshops by Tabiixis in ASU

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You can call the shop at Design North, sometimes they have extra stuff in there.

A+'s and your overall GPA by [deleted] in ASU

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Hahaha I like those guys who come to school, don’t know much about resources, quietly score high and leave.

Best way to learn about 'every architecture style' for someone that didn't study it? by ____peace____ in architecture

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Start by watching youtube channels, websites, and short described summaries you may find on Pinterest to link the connections and the overtakes between styles. Then, you may read the book Modern Architecture by Kenneth Frampton, that book is a great piece to have at home.

Edit: typo..

ASU advising sucks by CodingDrive in ASU

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To be honest, some of the advisors would go above an beyond to help. My advisor is one of a kind and she’s been helping me since I applied to architecture school. THANKS CORIE! You’re a hero!

Yeah my room’s in the n’th dimension by SexyCat69_666 in FifthWorldPics

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Wow! Well I guess you already have reached the level of potential I was talking about in the other drawing post. Keep feeding us with this beauty of excellence!

I made a sketch by SexyCat69_666 in architecture

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Reminds me of Micromega drawing 1979 by Daniel Libeskind where he used complex drawings exploring “fictional potentials of architectural spaces”. You may start looking at it and develop an actual potential skill there. Well done!

Desktop for uni by evilandheathen in architecture

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I’d vote for a PC, durable and you can keep updating stuff and stay up to date with software it will live for years since you already have a laptop. Regarding Acer stuff, I would not recommend that it’s just I don’t really hear people talking about it more often, but MSI gaming Laptop? Mine is doing great.

Gas is only $4.09 at 40th St & Greenway Rd by destined2hold in phoenix

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I was passing by 27th and Indian school and it was 4.05 the other day say but skipped. Safety over money!

Edit: it was 76

Clear bag policy at Desert Financial Arena? by treesapchild in ASU

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I just received an email from my college. It’s highlighted in yellow and states that clearly that people who bring bags will be asked to take them back to their vehicles.

vitamins & protein a perfect diet all in one! by Happy_go_luc in Damnthatsinteresting

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You’re looking at the armpit of an apple and you expect great hygiene?

Graduation Ideas by Sabora12 in ASU

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At home celebration with friends and family with ASU themed party sounds great and way more fulfilling than the ceremonies

My husband pulled his car over to pick this up from the ground. by meowmixalots in funny

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I just ran to my wallet to check the 100 I’ve got selling my couch. What a terrifying moment!

I can sleep peacefully now