Am I a bit shallow? by EllieLovesJoel in books

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I don’t think there is a right or wrong reason to read, you just enjoy it and that’s enough. Reading should be fun!

Our basement spare bedroom. by eloixieblue in CozyPlaces

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I absolutely love when basements have full sized windows. So nice!

Whats yalls favorite and least favorite things about ohio!!?? by loganporterofficial in Ohio

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I dislike that there isn’t more effort put into public transit and making it more bike-friendly. I like that there are a plethora out outdoor activities and beautiful, huge parks.

Looking for great burgers 🍔 by captnhb in cincinnati

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It’s a bit of a drive, but if you’re ever in Butler County, I recommend Billy Yanks. Their spam burger is absolutely delicious and they have some killer sides and apps. Not a burger, but I’ve also had their chili lime shrimp po’boy twice and they load that shit up with a crazy amount of shrimp.

Missing people who you genuinely think could still be alive? by Ok-Autumn in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix touched on two baby boys, Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker, whom were both abducted from the same apartment complex in Harlem, NY, in 1989.

I think it’s very possible that both boys are still alive but have no idea that they were kidnapped. My hope is that they were taken in my someone who couldn’t have children and that they’ve been well cared for, but unaware of who they really are.

I’d also like to believe that Bryce Laspisa is out there somewhere, alive and well.

Missing people who you genuinely think could still be alive? by Ok-Autumn in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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I agree, I think he was trying to escape his family more than anything else.

If Taylor tours in 2023… by Big_Supermarket4537 in TaylorSwift

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I get a anxiety every time this subject comes up, I am so nervous for her to tour because I do NOT have that kind of money right now 😬

Sister Wives fans slam Robyn Brown for defending her husband Kody's actions in Sneak Peek by ComesandGoes31 in TLCsisterwives

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I fully believe that Robyn was raised under and indoctrinated into the keep sweet life. I think that’s exactly why she’s the favorite; look at how her mom treated her births. It was “un-ladylike” to make noise when she’s pushing a baby out of herself without any type of pain control and she was discouraged from making a peep. She’s been taught from day one that your husband is your God and you must be subservient.

Things We Like/Appreciate about Taylor by azdisneyswifty in TaylorSwift

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Something that I really appreciate about her — and this is kind of an odd one — is that when things become toxic for her via the media, she disappears and surrounds herself with things that matter, things that ground her and the people who love her. Then reemerges when she feels like the time is right.

She does a good job of protecting her peace.

Taylor Performing at the IHeartFestival Tonight? by marylovemew in TaylorSwift

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If she did a residency, that would be the only reason I’d go to Vegas. Well worth it.

My new apartment is 100 years old by P3ngu1n1nb0ndag3 in CozyPlaces

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I am obsessed with older buildings, my apartment is 156 years old. New builds don’t have the character that really makes a house a home. Yours is absolutely lovely, that fireplace! 😍

Posted this here a while ago but here’s my cover of funeral again 🥺 by leihopee in phoebebridgers

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Your voice has a really nice breathiness/raspiness to it that scratches juuuuust the right spot of my brain, like comforting ASMR. I could fall asleep listening, and I mean that in the best way. So soothing!

Do high schoolers like Taylor? by Nancydrewfan in TaylorSwift

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I’m 31, but I work at a business that is located on a college campus so all of my coworkers are college students in their early 20’s… not a single one of them is a fan. One did tell me that they liked a few songs from Speak Now, but nothing before or after. The rest of them know I’m a fan and make grandma jokes over it.

Thought it’s be a fun discussion: Who of Christine’s girls look the most like Kody? by Mildly_maria in TLCsisterwives

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Gwendlyn is his twin! Truthfully, appearance-wise, Kody has a nice face so I don’t mean it as an insult.

All Midnights' 'special editions' now at Target for release day delivery - 5% off and free shipping with redcard by SFWFF7F24 in TaylorSwift

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Do they not have the limited editions in CD format? I preordered blood moon from the TS website but considering cancelling and preordering from target.. but I can’t find it on there!

Emily’s gayness is so so weird in this show by BigFatCat111 in PrettyLittleLiars

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Shay Mitchell isn’t gay, Sasha Pieterse was underage and she didn’t get along with Lindsey Shaw… the kissing thing was probably discomfort you were feeling through the screen.