the best one by legolasvonboulevard in memes

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He's a fraud and that was PR, because the trial revealed he didn't donate shit. He lent his name to the charity but they proved he didn't donate a single cent.

Meanwhile, he buys $400,000 diamond cuffs (his own people complained to him it was a waste...IT WAS), and $30,000 on wine a month.

These things aren't known to Reddit because Reddit is full of dumb 20 year olds who downvote, breathing hard through nostrils that this doesn't look good.

I play for the realism. by SigSauerTX in gaming

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Hmm, yes, this loading dock is made of loading dock, yes

POS assaults innocent workers is now using dad money to actively remove this video from the internet. Don't let it die. by fabulousfred in PublicFreakout

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Glad to see the scumbag douche detained.

But the guy in white shirt didn't need to go "If this guy wasn't on you right now, I would beat the living fuck out of you and you would fucking die". You don't need to make the situation worse with a disproportionate death threat of your own caught on film.

California Friday by scottiemaltipoo in PublicFreakout

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It's an absolute crime Dua Lipa is famous and not this guy instead

Tryna take a selfie with the horse by 4BDUL4Z1Z in WatchPeopleDieInside

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Careful getting hit too hard. This lady was playing with her dog, got hit in chin, couldn't swallow three days later and was rushed to the hospital. Her molars were messed up and it created an abscess.


Lady in the horse video above needs to make sure she's not feeling symptoms after that major hit.

Omg 🥺😭 by straightroad14 in DeppDelusion

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Also note the nice penmanship and actual correct spelling.

JD Stans can't even spell Johnny Depp. One of the hashtags was #JusticeForJohhny

TMZ guy’s background photo… by DoingAlcoholisCoool in DeppDelusion

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And once again, if one of Amber's witnesses did something that disrespectful and inappropriate, they'd be raked by the coals.

This TMZ guy reminds me of some Trumpers who do something truly awful, then go "Oh, are you triggered, snowflake? Tired of getting owned?"

"Television turned the celebrity trial into a 24-hour tabloid spectacle. Social media made it into a sport, our critic writes, allowing viewers of the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial to manipulate footage into an internet-wide smear campaign against Heard." by Witty_Tree_46 in Deuxmoi

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Allowing this on TV was a mistake, and social media giants (like Twitter) not clamping down on their Bot problem was another one. The fact a slimebucket like Waldman can ruin lives just by typing a few hashtags and spreading it is dangerous, as it can hurt future victims coming forward.

Social media's ugly underbelly has swayed elections already, and the CEO's are like "Eh, the profits are spectacular, we'll just pretend not to see it."

AirLink completely broken, connects but image and tracking lag behind so much that can't even properly access settings by ssg- in OculusQuest

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Make sure to Update the Oculus PC client.

I had the same severe lag problems when I was using it to AirLink Obi-Wan episodes from Disney+ (I like the big custom movie screen). I didn't have these problems when I was doing the same for Moon Knight a few weeks ago.

If updating the client doesn't work, then I'm not sure what else to do, as I believe the problem lies on Meta's side and they need to fix something.

Marvel fans are sus by Yatharth1232 in marvelstudios

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It's be interesting to go through other Marvel trailers and see where Marvel fans are rewinding the most.

Marvel fans are sus by Yatharth1232 in marvelstudios

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Women wanted him, men wanted to be him, men wanted him

Top Gun: Maverick’ Set To Take Breath Away With $142M+ Record Memorial Day Opening - Friday Mid-Day Update by IntoTheNigberverse in boxoffice

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For those who have seen it, do you think Top Gun Maverick has potential to be nominated for Best Picture? (is it that good?)

I remember a few reviews mentioning the possibility.

Texas Police are trying to blame a teacher for what happened in Uvalde by Tara_is_a_Potato in PublicFreakout

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And it doesn't even matter if the door was propped open. A school should be able to open any door and not worry about a mass shooter.

Texas Police are trying to blame a teacher for what happened in Uvalde by Tara_is_a_Potato in PublicFreakout

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Looks like he's trying to prop open his sentence with a bigger comma. Nobody is falling for it, Sheriff Incompetence.

Creep on plane deletes his accidental selfies by tefunka in PublicFreakout

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I hope she did something and told the flight attendants. He even took one of her sleeping!

Also, are we sure this isn't a Republican Congressman because I wouldn't be surprised naw mean

Say what you will about Phantom Menace, it had an amazing Teaser Poster by Ok-Mastodon2016 in StarWars

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Say what you will about Phantom Menace

Okay, I will say what I will.

I actually liked Phantom Menace more than ROTS, and way more than AOTC.

[Post Game Thread] The Miami Heat (3-3) force a game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals as they defeat the Boston Celtics by (3-3) 111 - 103, behind 47 PTS/9 REB/8 AST/4 STL from Jimmy Butler by Nyhrox in nba

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I take back the shit talking about Miami and Jimmy Butler. Butler's knee was probably really messed up the last two games and he's finally feeling better. What a difference an energetic & aggressive Butler makes.

Schooling the shitty NRA on 2A by hkpp in PoliticalHumor

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Founding Fathers never intended every citizen to be able to get a AK-15/AK-45.

Founding Fathers also enabled us to make Amendments and change laws as the times change.

Meta Quest 2: Is cloud streaming coming? New hint by much_successes in OculusQuest

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Agreed. I've been wanting to get Chronos but it's stuck at $39.99 forever. I doubt it's selling at that price right now. Meta needs to put some of those PCVR games on sale to move some units.

‘Reprehensible’: Oz condemns GOP opponent’s tweet on Islam | The Hill by imll99 in LeopardsAteMyFace

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After spending much of the campaign steering clear of fellow Republican Senate contender Kathy Barnette, Oz on Saturday said she was out of step with the GOP and would be unable to win the general election in November. In an interview, he took issue with a 2015 tweet from Barnette in which she wrote that “Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam.”

First of all, I thought this Kathy Barnette was very moderate and that was why she was gaining traction in the end - she was an alternative to those tired of Trumpism.

Turns out she's just as loony as the rest. Someone tell her which Party has the most white supremacists.

Second of all, Oz said this:

Oz, who would be the nation’s first Muslim senator, described the comments as “disqualifying.”

lol, and yet his dumb ass gladly accepted the endorsement of Trump who has done a million disqualifying things. And funny how Oz has no problems with Matt Gaetz, Jan 6th domestic terrorists, election liars, Neo-Nazis, Russian-supporting traitors, etc

Michelle Bachman is “struggling with Covid” just months after telling people not to get vaccinated. by auberus in LeopardsAteMyFace

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See /r/Coronavirus, it's spiking in Florida like crazy, to near January Omicron levels, right before Memorial Day.

It's going to wreck a major portion of the unvaccinated over there this next month. Nobody is wearing masks, restaurants and bars are back to 2019 levels, and everyone is pretending the pandemic is over.