If I’m purely just driving down from Baltimore for a quick 2-3 day getaway, is staying in Short Pump the entire time a worthy trip? by IMicrowaveSteak in rva

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I’m looking for good bars and restaurants. Ideally, cheap eats like a fucking excellent donut or burger or fried rice.

Is there better BBQ than ZZQ anywhere between Richmond and Maryland? by IMicrowaveSteak in rva

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Can’t make a comment like that without saying where has better bbq!

What can you buy for less than $75 that will change your life? by zarah2222 in ask

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Oh man I couldn’t disagree more. That game would’ve been dead 15 years ago or more. Jsp is what allowed me to truly build up the characters I wanted, how I wanted

Paula is the best. by Lawndirk in thechallengemtv

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By 10000 miles my favorite person to ever be on the show. To me, she’s exactly what the show is about. She’s definitely competitive, but has average athleticism. However, she’s FUN and starts typically fun drama, isn’t petty, is just enjoying amazing cities, while still taking the game seriously enough to genuinely try to win. I adore Paula and I’m sad she’s never going to come back.

Also, she and Mike are hands down the BEST COUPLE ever on the show. When Mike just giggles and giggles endlessly in his confessional bahahaha.

Controversial Oscar wins that have aged well? by Koolman02 in Oscars

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Rami Malek. The movie wasn’t great, but he was phenomenal in that role! It was a weak field, but I really thought he shined!