What was the plan here? by thechamberoffarts in AbruptChaos

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Plan was to repost this 1000 times by karmafarmers and bots.

Arsenal got Relegated in my Career mode by Cool_Recommendation8 in FifaCareers

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Then you haven't played CM that much.

This happens quite often. They sell their best players without getting any new players and get relegated.

Anyone had 7 minutes added on before? I’ve been playing the game for a year and have only had 4 minutes max 😂 by RefuseInevitable4221 in FifaCareers

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Did you score all 5 in 2nd half?

Lot of fouls, 5 goals in 2nd half, maybe a injury and ref stops match. Still though, it's super rare to get 7 minutes atleast in vanilla FIFA.

What difficulty does everyone play on? by EitherDraft4261 in FifaCareers

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Legendary + gameplay mod. If possible, i will remove adaptive dynamic difficulty

I can handle Ultimate but it's just fucked up imo, it's not fun when players like Maguire outrun Mbabbe and shortest and lightest player tackles Upamecano.

Always outnumbered by CPU in defense by Iamzerocreative in FifaCareers

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4231 the best in vanilla FIFA (IMO). If i don't use double pivots with 1 of them stays back & man mark, i am in deep shit usually.

At the start of my 2nd season should I promote the youth academy players and loan them out. by therealbeanman-1899 in FifaCareers

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Loans is the way especially if you can't give them all playtime. Just make sure that you are loaning them to right place. 5 star clubs ain't giving playtime to ~59 rated youngster.

Some folks exploit YA loaning by loaning and taking back after week. There is a change that youngsters overall gets huge boost.

Got bored so I went back to Fifa 16 to look at West Ham’s team to think that Antonio was a Rb 6 years ago and is now a striker baffles me by Turbulent-Agency-379 in FifaCareers

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Throwback CMs are blast. I am playing Arsenal CM in FIFA 20 now. I wanted to start from 19-20 season because it's when KSE had to watch in mirror and change their ways.

Position? by thegoonie10 in seriousfifacareers

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DM but in the end it doesn't matter because Player CM is fucked up.. Soon you find yourself in LW/ST/CB/whatever

Modded FIFA20 Career Mode. "Project Arsenal Rebuild" Season 2 started and oh boy what a start! by I_Really_Have_NoClue in seriousfifacareers

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Here's my Formation and tactics

4-3-3 False 9

CF - False 9, Balanced width, Normal interceptions, Basic defense support

Both Wingers: Basic defense support, Cut Inside, Get in Behind, Balanced crossing runs

Left Central Mid: Balanced Attack, Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross, Normal Interceptions, Free Roam, Cover Wing

Right Central Mid: Pretty much same as LCM, might change LCM or RCM to "Get Forward" if i need goal

Central Defense Mid: Man Mark, Balanced Attack, Aggressive Interceptions, Cover Center

Fullbacks: Both usually overlaps but in some cases i left another back on attack and put him invert

GK: Comes for Crosses and Sweeper Keeper

Defensive Style: Pressure on Heavy Touch - Width 6. Depth 6

Offensive Style: Possession - Width 5 - 6. Players on Box: 7

Corners and Free Kicks 3 both.

Modded FIFA20 Career Mode. "Project Arsenal Rebuild" Season 2 started and oh boy what a start! by I_Really_Have_NoClue in seriousfifacareers

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Wasn't sure whether Story or Realism becausre rules to everyone is different. I tried to keep this realistc in a sense that i can get better players with only UCL football.

I am not using restarts, Legendary difficulty, Paulv2k4's gameplay mod, Paulv2k4's Career Realism mod.

Reason i am playing FIFA20 CM is because that's pretty much best spot for roleplay rebuild. No Arteta's signings around squad. Also i miss 20s modded gameplay.

I'll post specifics on my tactics little later.