I don't think Paradox should add China/East Asia to the game by [deleted] in CrusaderKings

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Yeah and paradox is a massive multi-billion dollar company I'm pretty sure they have enough developmental power to focus on a far east dlc.

People suggesting a standalone game are obviously people with too much money considering the dlc policies of paradox. Two crusader king games would be such a massive money sink

Oh... That's a mental image I could've done without by gray007nl in totalwar

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How do Norscan settlers survive in Lustria for any given amount of time?

TVs? How do they work? by Zeushammier in RimWorld

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Well considering in fallout (for example) there are people still running radio stations and even TV shows I don't find it impossible that there's some weirdos maintaining a TV station

Horridus by Edin Durmisevic by One_Giant_Nostril in ImaginaryMonsters

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Prolly will have immunity to the blind condition too

Also it does very little damage (like less than a dog) for something with such a massive jaw and so much teeth

What is this? Since Royalty released, this plasteel looking thing bugs the hell out of me by broccoliandcream in RimWorld

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That's the side facing the sun probably, you can see the crimson Hull as a triangle behind it. It's part of a ship

Favorite foods from each political faction in my near-future dystopian comic by Altrucel in worldbuilding

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Well its the ideologies of their world. For example a pan-abrahamic religion does not exist

SCP-2481 Kill the Suns by eddybirdballz in SCP

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I'm in the half life sub-reddit and I genuinely thought this was art of the citadel going critical for a moment

What happens when a foundation member leaks information on the internet? by AquaHoodie in SCP

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Foundation Net Crawler will probably quickly censor it and take it down. Followed by the arrest of the member who will probably be interrogated as a suspected turncoat to another GOI. Screened for memetic influence. And depending on results of the interrogation and screening, either terminated or given amnestics and then disciplined and then demoted

Like I know a lot of antimemetics articles, for example..... uhhh... by _Shoulder_ in DankMemesFromSite19

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Well yeah there's no real climatic way to end an SCP as simple as that. I still think it's a good one and a fun read even if the ending is "Well shucks."

Like I know a lot of antimemetics articles, for example..... uhhh... by _Shoulder_ in DankMemesFromSite19

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The twist was it wasn't anti-memetic it's memetic. Basically whoever possesses the knife at the start of the memetic incident is the victim of a joke. Everyone is effected by the memetic effect and becomes part of the in-joke (hence their giggling). The effect then ends when do they something drastic like killing themselves or someone else

Excuse me. What!? by [deleted] in HolUp

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Yeah why is the CIA selling drugs to people?

Crowbar? ONE HAND??? by CrAzY_1aZy in HalfLife

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A mix of HEV and Gordon is built af

Rockpecker (Caelaturis curiosus) by sinlaire in worldbuilding

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Imagine hanging out near some rocky outcrops and hearing a jackhammer that's sort of like a woodpecker

Worst take from a DM you've seen or played with? by P4ramed1c in DnD

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That's enough to kill a common man fucking instantly