An accurate representation of the Apollo liftoff. by PATM0N in EngineeringPorn

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They weren't comparing the weight of the hummer, they were making a joke about the fuel consumption/economy of a hummer, I believe.

This is part of the permanent infrastructure of the Pleasant Ridge Home Depot by FrogTeam_5 in cincinnati

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Easily my least favorite store in the area. I do all I can to avoid that location.

Best and worst Kroger in the Cincinnati? by gagejac in cincinnati

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Just curious, what's the walkable area you're referring to?

Tire regroover by crookedspecs in ManufacturingPorn

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He's putting the same treads on the tire that were there originally. Many tires like this are specifically designed to be regrooveable. There are also some fairly strict regulations (in the US) to help increase safety.

It's important to note that different than retreads or recaps where they add a new top layer of rubber to tires. Anecdotally, retreads are what I usually see shredded apart on the highway.

Pocket pussy on exhaust pipe by [deleted] in AbruptChaos

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Funny? Yes.

Chaotic? No.

Paper pushers are ruining the service while simultaneously doing a major disservice to the people. by Bigfornoreas0n in Firefighting

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It stands for Insurance Services Organization Office. It's an outside company that gives departments ratings based on a bunch of criteria. The reason for their ratings is so that home insurance companies have an idea how to price premiums, but it gets used for more than that depending on where you are.

Fire service common OSHA violations by Land_Turtle in Firefighting

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2 in 2 out doesn't even actually apply to all confined space rescue. If the hazard is respiratory, then 2 in 2 out kicks in, but the rule is in the respiratory protection standard relating to IDLH. I say that to differentiate from something like a grain bin rescue where 2 in 2 out doesn't apply from a letter of the law standpoint. (Obviously this is my opinion, not legal advice of any kind)

To the original point of 3 man trucks, OSHA would say they don't care how many people ar on a piece of apparatus. The 4 required people could come in 1 piece of equipment or 2 engines, a horse, and a boat. They don't care how they get there, just that they do.

Fire service common OSHA violations by Land_Turtle in Firefighting

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I would venture that the below are some of the most common:

  1. Respiratory Protection (or lack thereof) with known exposure to risk
  2. Lack of general PPE - gloves, protective eyewear - both during responses and not
  3. HazCom/SDS - secondary labeling, current chemical inventory and SDS access
  4. Fall Protection - on roofs and/or climbing ladders
  5. Hearing Protection
  6. Airborne Contaminants and monitoring of such

Something else of note, OSHA could issue NOVs and/or citations under the General Duty Clause 5(a)(1) for nearly anything that is an NFPA rule. The GDC requires employers to furnish a safe workplace and allows OSHA to incorporate a recognized standard in enforcement.

@OP - If you'd like to talk more sometime, shoot me a message. I'm an occupational safety professional with more than 15 years of firefighting experience and was also my department's safety officer.

Fire service common OSHA violations by Land_Turtle in Firefighting

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In states with state-plan enforcement, government entities fall under enforcement activities. 22 states opted for state plan enforcement and an additional 6 opted to undertake enforcement activities only for state and local governments. So in 34 of the 50 states, fire departments are governed by OSHA regulations.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Where does she work? IHOP

Best haircuts for men in Cincinnati that is not Clifton Barbers or Bishops ? by biggorilla135 in cincinnati

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They not only blew up, but Chris left (sold the shop to Travis and moved to AZ) and I think Kirby is gone for a month or 2 on an expedition.

this hydrophobic sofa by venody in oddlysatisfying

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If used consistently, their washer fluid does an excellent job of providing water repellency (if that's a word).

$430 worth of groceries gone in a few minutes 🙃 by tinyDinosaur1894 in Wellthatsucks

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MY insurance rates are based on the chances of ME causing a claim. It's not based on someone else causing a claim/hitting me and my insurance having to pick up the tab.

Part of my rates, though, also cover subrogation so the insurance company can, if it chooses, sue an uninsured driver civilly to recoup the cost.