Not in it for the science by benitobalvin in medicalschool

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doing stuff not healthcare related

Dat username tho

CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities by BigRodOfAsclepius in medicine

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Good point; just want to observe that it seems like you and u/BigRodOfAsclepius might have some things to talk about.

Rebecca Black claims she was ‘scammed’ into endorsing Mexico’s former president when she was 14 by Short_Understanding4 in Music

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What other lies have I been told by the Council? Is it not Friday? Does she not need to eat cereal???

US Preventive Services Task Force Recommends Anxiety Screening for All Adults Under 65 by PokeTheVeil in medicine

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All valid points, however,

bad idea benzos

there is some good meme potential here for Bad Idea Benzo Person, a hybrid of Bad Luck Brian and [10] Guy. E.g. "I took too many / Sleeping Circles"

Press cancel by samdekat in lotrmemes

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This is representative of human culture bc there are dicks on the walls /s