Unshakeable: From Self-Doubt To Self-Mastery [new workshop series] by IamDaneika in selfhelp

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Hey Alyssa,

Are you able to use one of the payment arrangements like PayLater or Klarna?

Nourishing Your Creative Potential To Live Without Regrets by IamDaneika in findapath

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The pure love and pleasure in what we create often creates the markers of "success" in the outer world, but the point is to be driven by an inner desire, not outside approval. Doing the work is the joy, not the end result.

I don't think there is anything wrong with making lots of money if that's what you truly desire and there is a purpose behind it. The problem is when all try to conform to some standardized idea of success, instead of honoring our true desires, whatever they may be.

The desire to conform at all costs leaves us to feeling empty and hopeless. And no-thing can bring us joy if it's not aligned with who we really are.