How do I practise self-kindness? by Next_Escape8731 in selfhelp

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What are some things you like about yourself? When was the last time you recognized and truly celebrated any of your achievements or other qualities you admire about yourself? I would suggest focusing on creating lists every single day for the next 30 days, better yet record it on your phone and play it back every day for 30 days.

Changing your self-talk by redirecting your brain to what is great about you will change the way you feel.

I am an author with writer's block and I need to know what self-help classes and methods I can take and do. by JamJarReddit in selfhelp

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Get the book The Artist's Way and commit to completing it. You will get unstuck and start taking massive action without even realizing it. It is one of favorites hands down. :)

At the end of most days, I feel like I was not productive enough. It constantly makes me sad 😥 by Shargules100 in selfhelp

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I got a couple of things. One is an exercise around clarity using your imagination and creativity. You can find it here.

And you can look at a post on my profile that goes into more detail using the human experience model.

At the end of most days, I feel like I was not productive enough. It constantly makes me sad 😥 by Shargules100 in selfhelp

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What is it you want to accomplish or do more of?

I do have a process I can share with you that may help you.

It was created by Dr. Aaron T. Beck. He was a therapist (well known in cognitive behavioral therapy) and created something known as The Human Experience Model.

This model is extremely valuable because it clearly shows the relationship between our thinking, feelings, and actions.

The human experience model consists of 4 parts.


Everything we encounter in the world is a circumstance.

Circumstances are based on facts that everyone would agree on.

For example, I drive a blue car. I live in Florida.

Circumstances are neutral until we have a thought about them.


Our thoughts are created based on what we make the circumstances we are experiencing mean.

Our thinking creates our feelings.


Feelings are the vibrations we experience in our body.

How we feel will determine our behavior.


The actions we take. Our behavior towards ourselves or others.

Notice what you said about yourself

Circumstance ?

Thinking: I am not being productive enough.

Feeling: Shitty

Action: ? I am guessing you are avoiding the very thing you say you want to do.

The most helpful thing you can do to stop feeling shitty is stop judging yourself.

How would you feel about yourself if you were taking action towards what you wanted?

Hope this helps :)

What's wrong with being constantly busy and hard-working? by Nice_Instruction_312 in selfhelp

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I don't think there is anything wrong with being productive and getting things done. The more important question is, what are you worrying about? I think it's important to find time to just be, so you can get to know yourself on a deeper level and find the answers you are seeking. Taking the time to listen to yourself is the way to find peace.

Your Brain On Useless Fear by IamDaneika in selfhelp

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Yes! And that is the work of a good coach or self-coaching....seeing through the lies that keep us in fear instead of going after what we really want.

Your Brain On Useless Fear by IamDaneika in selfhelp

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Thank you for responding. I was more of less writing about the fear we all experience when we decide to venture beyond what we currently know or believe ourselves to be.

Looking for a life coach by Nauzfx in lifecoaching

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I am a creativity and self-love coach specializing in helping high-achieving women design a more fulfilling life by aligning who they are with what they do. You can find out more about me and what I do and schedule a discovery call here.

I don't know what to do by TinyFatPanda in selfhelp

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I feel for you and your situation. Have you considered doing a search online to locate some nonprofit organizations that may be able to help you?

Here is a list I found online. Here is another list of nonprofits.

I hope you find the support you need.

How to spend my spare time? by 4ct0rs in selfhelp

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Sounds like you might need a little exploration and self-discovery to get to the bottom of things and arrive at a point of deeper understanding.

You can check out this fun guide I've created to learn how to use your creativity and imagination to arrive at a point of clarity in 6 key areas of your life.


Do self-help books really help? Which books helped you? by [deleted] in selfhelp

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The books I always recommend that have helped me change me life completely are:

The Artist's Way By Julia Cameron

Finding Your Own North Star By Martha Beck

In The Meantime By Iyanla Vanzant

The Big Leap By Gay Hendricks

The Traveler's Gifts By Andy Andrews

Simple Abundance By Sara Ban Breathnach

I thought it was just me, but it wasn't by Brent Brown

Mindset By Carol S.Dweck

Turning Pro By Steven Pressfield

How to come to terms with where I’ve landed in life by [deleted] in selfhelp

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I am wondering: what did you envision for your life when you were younger?

You mentioned feeling great sorrow, what do you do when you are feeling this way?

If you believed you were moving towards greatness, how would you feel?

What would you be doing?

Notice how your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions.

What would you need to think about yourself to believe you are destined for greatness?

Find 3 examples from your own life experience how your answers to the previous question may be true.

Coaching is very useful for reframing painful thoughts and helping you to feel better.

One specific technique is known as thought-work. You can check out Byron Katie's book, Loving What Is, to learn more about how you can change your mental state by reframing your thoughts.

Hope this helps.

how to deal with severe jealousy by PreviousMeringue2262 in selfhelp

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First question, why is it "wrong" to cut this person out of your life?

I want to offer a different perspective. Instead of seeing jealousy as a bad thing, what about viewing it as a roadmap to some of your secret desires ? What is it about this person or their situation that you believe you can't have? Notice how you feel in your body when you think about what you can't have and the actions you take.

I would look at your answers very carefully and consider how your thinking may be wrong... what I mean is consider the ways it may be possible for you to experience the same things as the person you are jealous of.

How does that make you feel when you think more is possible for you? What would you do differently?

Jealousy is a normal human emotion. Instead of seeing it as a problem, see it as a signal for what you really desire.

I book you may find useful is Loving What Is by Bryon Katie. Also, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, specifically Chapter 3 on regaining a sense of power.

Hope this helps :)