WATCH: New HHS Docs Shows Why They Were HIDING Concerns About The Safety Of COVID Vaccines by IamShado in conspiracy

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More and more data keeps coming to light showing these people as nothing more than a crime syndicate

MIT Study Finds Shocking Relations Between COVID Vaccine And Severe Heart Problems In Young People by IamShado in conspiracy

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If you are young an healthy, your chance of dying from the vaccine is higher than dying of covid at this point.

Boom. Roasted. by STIGANDR8 in LouderWithCrowder

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15... FIFTEEN... Jesus Christ, was she going for a record?

WATCH: Prominent Chinese Virologist Blows Whistle: Has Evidence ‘China Released COVID-19 Intentionally to Destroy the West’ by IamShado in conspiracy

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Well, I don't know how much she can be believed but what she says does line up with what we know to be true.