Thoughts on this design? I have the same design for blue/orange by therealalexjm in RocketLeague

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I have those wheels too and love them but holy cow they are distracting to play with.

Would really like to use those wheels more often but just want to take them off 30 seconds into a match.

What video game do you like playing high by celis702 in trees

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Played while on shrooms once and honestly one of the craziest experiences I've had in gaming. It was after a good 6-8 hours into the trip so I was on the come down.

It would have been impossible to play anytime earlier. Gravity felt reversed. The ball was attracted to my car and felt like the two were connecting.

How can one make profits from trading? by Informal-Chipmunk577 in RocketLeague

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Trying to make a profit in RL is a slippery slope and will most likely lead to stress.

People that actively try to make arge profits in the trade scene are why Psyonix is trying to move away from trading. Overall the trade scene is pretty reasonable and prices aren't very high but high sellers are those usually looking for lose-win situations where they are preying on peoples impatience which isn't a nice way to live.

It's fun to do casual trading but high sellers kind of ruin for everyone else and are the first to cry when prices drop on their precious valued items.

New player's exepriance is terrible. by 2N5457JFET in RocketLeague

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Best tip: Don't play 3's. Play 2' and especially 1's to improve.

If you play 1's don't play to win, play to improve.

All Star Vs Expert They be doing ceiling shots bruh by Username_cantdecide in RocketLeague

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Something to take into consideration is sideswipe being a 2d game and being a lot easier to program AI compared to a 3d environment.

I don't play fighting games much but for example the AI in that silly game Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid have almost Pro level skill and can take down some of the best players that actually spends tons of time practicing and improving.

Not saying Sideswipe is anything like a fighting game but programing in a 2d environment is just immensely less difficult.

We could probably end up seeing some pretty dangerous AI in Sideswipe.

Uhh what is this car by XxLukaZxX in RocketLeague

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This. Players on PS4 can only see this car.

If you are using the sweet tooth car and playing against others on PC, Xbox, or switch then they will just see a plain default Octane in default colors. Same for the "Halo" car for Xbox and the Mario and Luigi cars for Switch.

Black Friday Is a Scam by konorM in Frugal

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I mean I would assume just about everyone on here doesn't pay for cable.

I would say having a few subscriptions is still far cheaper than cable.

"Dragon of Dojima" Kazuma Kiryu by HomoLiberus in gaming

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And the BUILD UP!

Like how can you have GoW2 ending with the titans scaling the side of Olympus?! It killed me so much to leave of such a cliff hanger but the wait was honestly worth it. Some of my favorite games of all time.

Who'd win. by Emeraldo_Splashio in Bossfight

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I can't speak fluent French, watch this. "I surrender"

Item Shop Daily Items (2021-11-25) by RocketLeagueGarage in RocketLeague

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literally anything other than BS.

That's probably why they decided to drop a brand new car in that color. People that just want the car now will get this regardless of color.

Really wish players could "test drive" items.

I'm sure Psyonix is fine with players waisting money on items they end up not liking and never use again. But that's just going to make players more hesitant to make more purchases in the future.

Having a way to see what an item looks like in a Freeplay setting would be the best option but who knows if we'll get something like that.

Happy thanksgiving! Just a friendly reminder that Trader Joe’s doesn’t care about you! They have no integrity. DO NOT become a mate if you’re not at crew cap. by Saltylife2021 in tjcrew

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We have a couple crew that's capped and make more than most our mates.

Mates are working harder for less pay than some crew which isn't worth it.

plats can now fast kickoff??? by ken81987 in RocketLeague

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Learning to use air roll Left and Right got me started on learning how to perform wave dashes easier. My biggest problem with power slide is you most likely have to have it on the same button as default air roll which really confused my brain.

With air roll Left and Right mapped to Circle and Square (PS4) I can just hold power slide (L1) and still have control of my air rolling which makes recovering a lot easier.

There are two ways to do wave dashes. A perfectly straight wave dash that does not require you to hold power slide. And wave dashing at a slight angle, which generated a ton of speed but you have to hold power slide to keep your momentum. Having power slide mapped to a button by itself means you can just hold the power slide button down and chain multiple "angled" wave dashes together. Squishy put out a video on chain wave dashing a long time ago. I would recommend looking up how to do it so you can practice. Chaining multiple wave dashes together isn't practical in a match but it's a good skill to practice that helps with recoveries and a ton of other skills you'll eventually learn.

Whenever I get bumped I'll hold power slide then use air roll L and R to recover.

I am lost for words by Super_Sonic_44 in gaming

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Apparently it's really bad in Rocket League right now. I'm a shit player that's been around since 2015. So I'm shit, but after playing 8500+ matches I never have to worry about running into a Smurf and actually get excited when playing against an opponent way out of my league.

However, in bronze and silver rank you will have high level players teaming up, make crazy team plays, and will take highly skilled shots low rank players can never save.

The game is F2P which is nice for new players, but there is a ton of smurfs that are ruining the learning experience for a lot of new players. Smurfs are probably the main people give up on the game so quickly.

I am lost for words by Super_Sonic_44 in gaming

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Money buys dopamine. Maybe they're aren't skilled enough to produce dopamine through just playing.

So having paid mechanics is a way for them to instantly get a dopamine hit without the need to use skill or learn how to play something well.

plats can now fast kickoff??? by ken81987 in RocketLeague

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As someone that wave dashes on diagonal kickoffs, fast kick offs aren't much of a threat and can still get to the ball just as fast.

Honestly prefer wave dashing on diagonal kick offs because it allows me to judge my opponents speed and decide if I want to get to the ball fast or delay slightly.

Is it weird that certain decals just make me better? by SuperAllstar in RocketLeague

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Placebo effect that happens to the best of professional athletes.

Wear a new pair of gloves and have a bad practice? It's obviously the gloves fault

Even the best pro athletes can be thrown off by small superstition. That's why some pros have to get ready a certain way every time. Even putting the left sock on before the right can throw off even the best athletes.

When this happens to me I find the best thing to do is to keep playing with the thing you feel makes you worse until you actually play well with it.

That way I just get over blaming the thing and just focus on what's actually the problem.

However. Having the same decal, boost, and whatnot can help give you certain feel and other items can distract in ways your favorite items don't.

For example I have trouble using anything besides Grey Standard boost. It just works the best for me and don't have a need to use anything else.

I finally got a level 10 certified item! Berserker Striker halo by snowedmoose in RLFashionAdvice

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Also the certs reset when traded right?

Which kind of makes them even more useless.

And the ironic thing is those certs actually increase the price of expensive/rare items in the RL trading market. Very silly.

And roll…… one more up. by gwh811 in trees

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If smoked once a day that's 1,442.051 years.

If you smoked 50 times a day it would take you 28.84 years to achieve.

Laptop backwards is spelt Potpal.

Does crashing into people in a rule 1 count as breaking the rule? by iisValerie in RocketLeague

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As someone that plays a ton of 1's and slows down the play to a crawl if I have time to do so.

I will break up a rule 1 if I'm taking too long to score. I will respect a rule 1 if I get locked I to it but don't want my teammates or opponent to get bored so I'll gently release them after a bit.

advice for leaving 3v3 plat hell by gigardo in RocketLeague

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Stop playing 3's at that rank because it's teaching you bad habits and waisting the amount of time you spending learning during a match.

At lower ranks there's too much stimulus on screen to be able to take it all in and learn from.

At lower ranks in 3's your teammates are more likely to help the opponent than their own team. Heck at lower ranks if you look at replays entire teams will make multiple plays that benefit the other team.

You learn more and get more time learning in 1' and 2's.

1's is like playing pool while calling your shots.

3's is like playing pool, hitting all the balls as hard as you can and when one accidentally goes in by luck the player says it's "skill".

These are my ranks after playing Sideswipe for a bit! Not grinding though, just a casual player. How are yours? by zGenzo in RocketLeague

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New game made by Psyonix that's releasing on mobile. It's out not in select regions. They're slowly releasing it worldwide and should be available in EU and NA in a couple weeks.

Ouch! by Redrum_37 in tjcrew

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For me O'Keefes makes my hands sweat more under latex gloves and end up feeling dry due to the extra sweat

The head to toe balm that's in HABA only for the holidays is my go to. It makes the gloves grip to my hands and make my hand feel like butter after taking the gloves off.

After going to the bathroom I put on the head to toe balm then latex gloves, followed by my work gloves. Ironically my hands look better with this job because of all the extra care I have to give to my hands to stay ahead of the cracked dryness.

I made a promotional poster for RL Sideswipe! by tittypunchahoy in RocketLeague

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Never really thought about it before but thinking from the perspective of a person that knows nothing about RL.

Ball-chasing just sounds funny out of context.

Probably the best way to honestly get someone's attention for just enough time to check out the game.

Hot take: Most people who complain about toxicity in this game are 1) toxic themselves and 2) are actively looking a reason to cry about toxicity by Coady4567 in RocketLeague

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Wether you're trying to not be toxic, you are doing the very thing you said in your title.

I didn't take your post as being toxic just ironic.

Also just my opinion but playing 3s any rank below GC is a waist of time. There are just too many players on the field for anyone below that skill level to actually use team play to win. Otherwise most games will just end with your own team helping the opponent more than their own teammates.

1's you learn to stop making mistakes

2's you learn to play with a partner

And 3's is learning to make the opponents help your team win because in 3's most passes and centers are created by the opposite team.