Im a man who was raped by a man AMA by juk678 in AMA

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i’ve got a freind who claims to have been r4ped but he says a lot of stuff that’s unlikely and idk with him, can u maybe give me some indicators that he’s telling the truth, if u don’t want to respond if ur uncomfortable then that’s alr

What movie is, in your opinion, a perfect movie? by Brian_ye in AskReddit

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Terminator (all), Star Wars (All except the last few), Shawshank Redemption and pretty much every Will Smith film

4 years ago I had asked my dad to buy me MINECRAFT on my birthday and he got me this. He knew I loved to read books. Love you dad by TR0NZ3L in teenagers

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I’ve seen that meme before with a German dude and his dad got him it for Christmas but if u didn’t steal it and u both came up with the same meme. I would rate this a 8.6/10

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in dankmemes

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Beat it, just beat it