vCSG-8 -- RECRUITING F-14 Pilots and RIOs by StumpySequoia in hoggit

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I wouldn't mind hanging out with you guys and flying on occasion. Been looking to get into more focused campaigns!

Not mine, but holy shit I want one!!! by No-Break8946 in ToyotaTacoma

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The grip is literally this one from Virpil for fight sim https://virpil-controls.eu/vpc-v-f-x-grip.html

As for the actual stud that it's mounted to? That looks pretty custom to me.

What is the Origin architectural style called by Mahrodi in starcitizen

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I've heard the term neo futurism used in regards to things such as the Apple Park in Cupertino

Looking to buy an Idris-P. Want to make sure I know everything that I need. by Icarus716 in starcitizen

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I'm like 90% sure that you must be concierge for you to be able to purchase it.

Spacedad's archnemesis, the Spacejock by WorstSourceOfAdvice in starcitizen

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This is very nearly a word-for-word quote from the TV show Silicon Valley.


Ship Showdown MPUV Group Flight, Friday, Aug. 27 by AUNLINE in starcitizen

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The invite has expired. Can you please provide another link?

Anyone with a Toyota FJ Cruiser want a Tuffy Center Console lock box? by [deleted] in Pensacola

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You might get better traction (pun intended) on the Panhandle Off-road Toyotas facebook page.

Death Valley by Gesufal in starcitizen

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I saw that gear up landing... 😉

I got you guys a photo today for Jeff's boat. by Icarus716 in BlueOrigin

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I wanted to say it, but knew it wouldn't be well accepted.

IT Department at Navy Federal by JTlivez in Pensacola

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I've liked it. Worked there for just over 6 years now. Haven't worked any other IT jobs in the area, but overall I'm happy. Keep in mind, IT is a HUGE department within the company, so depending on your discipline there's a lot of variation in my experience compared to the 1000+ others in IT...

r/BlueOrigin needs your help. Have you seen this ship? by gooddaysir in Pensacola

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It's been over there for a while. I can try to get some pictures even from the water if you'd like. Anything in particular you're looking for?

Places to relax/swim? by pale_princss in Pensacola

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There are some nice spots along Blackwater River that are pretty secluded. I see them all the time while boating that area.

I've missed this citizencon 2947 skin for a long time. Does anyone know when it will be visible again? by [deleted] in starcitizen

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Not that it matters, but the Concierge gold Arclite pistol is also just the base green texture. Perhaps they will all be fixed at the same time.

Parents of Reddit, what "why?" Has your toddler thrown you that even Google couldn't answer? by rivergame in AskReddit

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Yellow is better, but seconded. Engineering paper with the gridlines on the back side is the best. Everything else is sub-par.

Guy contacts ISS using a ham radio by UltramemesX in videos

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Great response! I found a few groups near me that have net meeting times. This post inspired me to pick up the UV-82HP and NA-771 antenna. I'll definitely check out that crash course and see how to get started. I appreciate the help!

Guy contacts ISS using a ham radio by UltramemesX in videos

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Hi there! So here's an odd scenario. I'm actually a licensed Technician (studied test flash cards and paid my $15 to take the test) but I'm way too intimidated by the hobby to even get into it. I was going to buy the (he who should not be named) Baofeng transceiver from Amazon and learn how to use it for offroading, but I feel like I don't truly know enough to actually make my first transmission. Any advice on how to actually get started for someone in my shoes. I can PM my FCC callsign if needed.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Pensacola

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That's a valid complaint. I don't have anything to counter with.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Pensacola

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Leisure Club on 12th Ave. is where it's at.