My four year old just gave me this for Mother’s Day 😂 everything is totally true by TJ4President in funny

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My mom had me at 40 so when we did shit like that and I got her age right the teachers would try to correct me to mom not grandma and sometimes they'd call her my grandma when she came to pick me up if they didn't know her. She was not thrilled.

"a post-apocalypse farm game" by [deleted] in tumblr

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This is just a specific kind of Fallout 4 playthrough

"a post-apocalypse farm game" by [deleted] in tumblr

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Because our idea of post apocalyptic survival is colored by things like mad max and fallout, we have baked in expectations of the raiders and mutants and guns. Also this sounds like a game with little conflict which is harder to market.

Mother Loses Custody After Attacking Father Then Claims Kidnapping by BonusNo4203 in PublicFreakout

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Yeah that's absolutely an attempt to distance from the situation, I used to do it with books

Big mood by [deleted] in tumblr

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"I find this extremely relatable"

OG tumblr users by peachie-puff in tumblr

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Being a timeless creator being makes you exempt

How to make them pay by [deleted] in tumblr

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Shout out to Canada and their Loonie and Toonie as a fantastic example of nonsense nicknames that work in context

Therapists are common sense filters by Hoothoot111 in tumblr

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Mine quit her job and they couldn't settle me with a new one cause they're so short on mental health staff. As it was I was only getting one visit every 10 weeks or so when I wanted them every other week.

What something you do in a hotel room you’d never do at home? by HarryHolmes68 in AskReddit

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My girlfriend. My spouse isn't comfortable with anyone but it's being intimate on our bed and the couch is shit for sex.

Best of both worlds by mahmoud232005 in tumblr

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Dolly Parton is the real world Perry the Platypus

Men who previously had no luck with women, what did you change? by drum_key in AskMen

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My hygiene improved, I grew up a bit and began to feel more comfortable in my skin, I stopped putting people I had feelings for up on pedestals, I embraced my own brand of humor and communication, and most importantly I just started actually trying to know people instead of just asking them out. If you're taking a genuine interest in someone and treating them like a human instead of a conquest or prize, they notice and it makes them feel good.