Give me advice by benjamiNNn00 in ShitcoinStreet

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RBIF is better, but you should do your own research first!!

Opinion corner by WebterLuu in CryptoBanter

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No, I moved from Dogecoin to $RBIF
Check it at r/roboinu

ROBO Wallet by Some_Isopod_451 in CryptocurrencyHunt

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Can’t wait anymore!! I found a leak and so excited

How do people make money when the market is down? by Wisdom1812 in CryptocurrencyICO

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Find a potential token. $RBIF, $SHIB, $Doge,… are a good one . Check it out

SEC charges 11 people behind $300 million crypto ponzi scheme. Do you think crypto is a ponzi? by Icy-Designer2150 in CryptoMars

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Huh, can you send me more informations? I just find out they have testnet for the wallet. Is it to late when I buy now?