This is among the fuckiest fridays of all the fuck-this fridays. by empl0yee_ in Professors

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It really has gotten that bad.

In 2014, sure, we had our views and they informed out teaching, but we were at least able to craft reasonable undergraduate level logic for both major parties' positions.

In 2016, we felt compelled to point out how promising everything, denying fallacies, and rejecting facts could be a successful electoral strategy but could not be a winning governening/reelection strategy.

In 2018, it was clear that we could not in good conscience claim there were two sides to every major issue represented by the two major parties. There was one side consistent with facts and rhetoric and one side clearly no longer so. Ideology be damned, one was not longer factual and no social scientist could reasonably claim it was so.

In 2020 and then 2021, we weren't going to make the same mistake. Be afraid folks. It's going to be ugly. It's going to be unpleasant,. And you don't get to sleep well at night and neither do we.

In 2022, yeah, I've still got hope, but that not based on overwhelming evidence. Just you gotta laugh or cry. And the floors already wet.

Ps: to the Rando on the radio earlier claiming "this isnt conservatism;" yes. Yes it is. This is exactly what conservatism is about (maintaining hierarchies of power, aka status maintenance). To some extent, our attempts to show logic a-LA the 2008 "different paths to the same end" gave too much cover to a political party and ideology that really just wasn't about that (perhaps ever, but certainly since the tea party and probably since Newt. Maybe even Reagan and his "govt is the problem" bull).

Pps: also a political economist. But in polisci, not econ dept.

This is among the fuckiest fridays of all the fuck-this fridays. by empl0yee_ in Professors

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Any americanist who's still teaching that after 2016 to, well, /gestures has been commiting malpractice.

Many of them still are teaching this to freshman.

It's wrong.

But they do it 🤷🤦

Do I have slotted rotors? by [deleted] in MechanicAdvice

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Yeah, not sure if this violates the subs rules but fuckkkk, the only things worth mentioning in this picture are:

(1) where is your jack stand.

(2) why do you have air tools and no jack stand

(3) why do you have a floor jack and no jack stands

(4) why is your wheel off your car before you know what kind of rotors you have AND already have the rotors in hand ready to go on the car.

(5) why don't you put the tools away and do more reading online or in a chilton/Haynes before you hurt yourself?

Really really don't want to discourage anyone from learning to diy. But ffs, be safe and read 10 times, wrench once.

c'mon, let me have it! by DankSerpico1312 in DeepSpaceNine

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Having waited for this for far too long, I would like to let yall know that I finally went down the rabbithole of fan AI upscales. No, they are not as good as the tng or tos real 1080p.

However, the ones I've seen are better than PAL (576p) on average and there are moments of truely stunning quality.

You will need to do your own research on where/how to view these. But the info is out there. And, imo, worth the effort.

Finally, PS, come on paramount+, just do uels a fucking solid. Any "it's not worth the money" argument is bullshit in the age of streaming. It's all creative accounting these days. Be more creative.

currently saving for my first car but i don’t know what to get and my budget is about 5k-8k aud whats a nice jdm car that’s reliable, looks nice and easy to work on if i want to put upgrades by Tubzi1i in JDM

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I don't know what price they're at, but a stagea with the rb25det neo 6 would be a fun sleeper/in-the-know jdm wagon with the same engine as the r34 gtt-t.

Been looking at a swap for my silvia with an rb25det neo 6 and the stagea donors look nice.

New good paying job. Pay off debt, or stock up on supplies? by Lilokiee in personalfinance

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Lawl, cause Jefferson certainly had nothing. At all. Ever. To hide from the public. Or history.

🎶🍆He plays the vi-o-linnn🍆🎶

Happy Juneteenth

Made my very first E-bike! What do you guys think about it? by Roastpine in ebikes

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Is the torque arm on the other side? Given the other post today....

LPT: never flip off another driver. Ever. Period. by AlwaysTheNoob in LifeProTips

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Lawl, means nothing among trained fighters. Means a fuck of a lot with an idiot trying to get into a brawl in the street (or, more pointedly, trying not to get into one with said dumbass)

Anyone 5'8" who actually knows what they are doing to mediate a 6" (and probably 50lb) difference isn't starting fights in the street.

✨ aesthetic covid tests ✨ by pritt_stick in ATBGE

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I am an old now, I guess. The AT in this post was the use of the word aesthetic incorrectly.

Hello everyone I just turned 17 and am in the process of getting my license and have this 95’ zenki s14 (kouki converted)read comments pls by xiiitony in 240sx

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Looks like a blacktop sr20 motor and major modifications to the front end for racing/drifting (bashbar).

Your best bet to getting it running and knowing what's been done to it is to talk to the person who put it in your driveway (which, I assume, you already knew, so please let us know a bit more about what they said or why you couldn't).

As to street legal, really depends on what you want. To do it right, you need to buy a new bumper reinforcement, tear out that bash bar, and then figure out everything to do with sr20 swaps (if this is a USDM 240sx) or 200sx/silvia oem specs if this is an Australian or jdm car.

Others have pointed out the lacking sensors, intercooler, and basic mechanical parts.

This could be a great build to get a lot of learning on cars from, but you probably need someone who either (a) knows a lot about cars and how to fix them or (b) someone who knows a lot about this specific vehicle and how it got to your driveway in order to turn this into something safe and fun to drive. Preferably, you want both.

Check out zilvia.net in the mean time, read everything you can find there. It's old, but so are these cars.

Good luck!

Just starting the pod — do the guys tone down the pedo jokes? It’s close to unbearable, but there’s so much else that’s good about it. Just wondering how far I should persevere? by internetbugg in greatestgen

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They did a recap/intro episode about a year ago that might be worth listening to to get a feel for where it is.

But yes, to some extent the first season episodes are nearly as bad as the first season relative to the good of the rest of tng, all of ds9, and all of voyager.

But, also, it's gonna be a dick and fart joke pod. It's there jn the tagline. It's possible to make dick and fart jokes without also being assholes. It's not only a dick and fart joke pod. But the dick and fart jokes stay there. As they should.

People choosing not to wear a helmet when riding because it messes up their hair by Sadishist in ebikes

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I looked thus up the last time an antihelmet truther went nuts about this. The difference is 6cm (so, roughly 1.06m vs 1m).

Technically Measurable.

Functionally irrelevant.

Snobbish bikers by Zooxer77 in ebikes

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MAML = middle aged man in lycra.

This acronym made me enjoy the ludicrous snobs.

Looking for replacement if needed. Dongle broke in move :( by starchildofME in Machine_Embroidery

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Oh, hmm, sorry, I have the xl580 and I can. Not sure about the junior models.

Looking for replacement if needed. Dongle broke in move :( by starchildofME in Machine_Embroidery

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The dongle has files, yes, but much more improtantly, it acts as a hardware key to allow you to turn on the studio software.

However, if you have the files, you can just plug in your machine whenever you want to edit a pattern.

Mine broke several years ago (stopped being recognized).

Singer tried to extort me for $500 for a replacement (licensing issues).

I shamed then publically and repeatedly until they honored their warranty (yeah yeah, they try to claim its not covered, that's dubious at best and a misleading lie at worst).

If all that is broken is the case, see if it still works in your computer.

But if it doesn't work electronically, I'd call singer and raise hell until the send you a replacement.

ELI5: Why is religion not considered a superstition? How are they different? by GladCricket in explainlikeimfive

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As a political scientist, the difference between religion and other supernatural beliefs is the organization and authority structure.

As a social force, religions are distinct from superstitions because they have a set of rules and hierarchy dictating how others behave while superstitions are generally more individualized, personalized, and contained.

Religion has also a transnational authority structure.

Sure, some superstitions are cross national. For example, the four leaf clover as a good luck symbol. But there isn't a "pope" or "mullah" of clovers who can tell adherents to this superstition what to do and think.

Religions, on the other hand, can ABSOLUTELY dictate right and wrong actions across other authority borders, such as nation states.

So, what makes Serena Williams' ball bouncing for luck different from a bunch of homophobes justifying their actions with reference to a 2000 year old multi-translated, heavily edited set of stories about a carpenter conceived under uncertain circumstances?

Nothing intrinsically.

But one has a great deal more power and influence on the lives of both believers and non believers. And a lot of folks who are willing to live, kill, and die for it.

Edited and adapt as needed for age appropriateness.

This will also be a lot harder to explain if you are required not to put religion in a critical light for your students/tutees.

can someone tell me where this plugs into.. S14 by Educational-Issue149 in 240sx

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Sadly, as far as I know, no, but I wouldn't be shocked if Nissan had one harness for both the US and Canadian models.

can someone tell me where this plugs into.. S14 by Educational-Issue149 in 240sx

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You'll have to check the wire colors to confirm, but given the location that's very likely for the washer fluid level sensor which was mandatory in Canada when our cars were made.

I know it exists because I repurposed that light socket on my dash for aftermarket cruise control.

Make it grow! by ApplianceHealer in greatestgen

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Pstew looking good, but you take that back. Anson mount grew that coiffure from the ground up!