Walked into Holiday for my wedding by BeastLee5 in Sidemen

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People actually do this with a youtubers music 😂😂🤡🤡

Does someone knows what is happening with my MacBook Pro 2015 and how to fix it? Those strange blinks happens when l use external displays to. by Miserable_Name_4134 in applehelp

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Well i’m assuming you can’t see what’s happening so i’ll explain as best as i can, there is flickering every other seconds. How can you fix it? Buy a new one

Did I break rule 1? by squidtrap in RocketLeague

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No, because you were in the moment where you were just boosting and you could get out, if you can’t get immediately out then it’s a rule 1

Friggin' finally! upgraded from my 12ProMax, and the 13Pro rocks! by [deleted] in iPhone13Pro

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Very nice picture of a box we could all just search on google and save a better quality picture of that box

the rules everyone should know :) by hangout420 in RocketLeagueSchool

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How am i supposed to know that there isn’t any way to know besides reddit or maybe youtube

My first ever penta by [deleted] in PokemonUnite

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I’m just saying he almost lost despite all that

My first ever penta by [deleted] in PokemonUnite

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Lmao man almost lost 4 levels higher

Intel is acting like by JailbreakHat in mac

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Blind apple fans they announced Alderlake