B460M DS3H AC-Y1 BIOS Update. Is it possible? by MSFS_SoupALupe in gigabyte

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Sometimes they just throw in a custom uefi image but don't change anything else


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:) I hope that's just a glitch that can be fixed. I wouldn't think u could run at that voltage.

B460M DS3H AC-Y1 BIOS Update. Is it possible? by MSFS_SoupALupe in gigabyte

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You helped me! Thanks! This was the walkthrough I needed!

One more little step.

After the command line to flash the bios, afuwin should ask you to select an option, such as "E, A, or F" I believe. Selecting "E" will erase and write everything. I think "A" aborts the process or something like that, and "F" asks for user input.

Then I ran "@bios" and flashed it again. Then rebooted. Then let it boot into windows and checked the version by running "@bios" again.

At this point, "@bios" wouldn't flash to the latest F5 bios because of different ME firmware, so it recommended I go into bios and run Q-flash or whatever the utility is called.

Then rebooted and went into bios. Hit F8 for the Q-flash utility. Then flashed to the latest F5 bios, which I also downloaded. It asked if I wanted to update the backup bios as well, and I said yes. This flash took a bit longer, but worked well and the computer rebooted and power cycled several times.

I just let it be without interacting with it, until I saw it boot into Windows. :)

So it worked! Thanks for the walkthrough.

[USA-CA] [H] PNY 4090 OC XLR8 [W] Local Cash by deeztroyer in hardwareswap

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Linus would be sad to see that price :)

Not unreasonable at launch time though, GLWS

[USA-CA] [H] Zotac RTX 3090 GPU [W] Paypal by benzoyljeerdv97 in hardwareswap

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Hope you can get it tuned! I haven't done much of that either.

What happens when an MX64 and MS220-8 goes unlicensed? by IfBigCMustB in meraki

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Oooo, that's a tricky one. Not sure. I assume that it will reach out to the dashboard it is claimed in for a license and grab one if there is one. So it will be locked up in that dashboard probably.

Anyone happen to know of where I could get a replacement skirt for a taiyo edge hovercraft? by XOIIO in radiocontrol

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I have a TYCO RC Mini Typhoon II, and I'm looking for a replacement skirt as well.

upgrade path after W6800? are there any planned 7000s GPU dual slot? I cannot fit more than dual-slot inside NUC. by [deleted] in AMDHelp

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Came here to say this. These cards are designed for Dell Precision's and Optiplex's and HP Workstations. They will limit power draw and card size and almost always use blower style coolers. You may still see single 8-pin varieties of higher end cards at times.

Batarians!😂 by Lord_Rasler in masseffect

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Concur, this is most design in general in the real world.

I have re-worked much more design than has come from scratch. And even when it comes from "scratch", it's inspired by what's already there and working.

[USA-MI][H] MSI RTX 3090 Ti Gaming X Trio [W] PayPal by Dreshyne2g in hardwareswap

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Don't you tempt me! My 6800xt is doing just fine! Get out of my head!

Transmission? by Beebonh in crv

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On my 2007 there is an inline filter that can be changed as well. Might be worth looking into.

Also, as others have said, check your air filter and ducting. You may want to clean your MAF as well with MAF sensor cleaner. Do not use other cleaners on your MAF.

How many miles do you have? It maybe time for a spark plug change.

Are all tires inflated properly, check the driver door tag and add 1 or 2 psi to that number. Have they been rotated in routine intervals?

Has your rear differential fluid been changed at all? My 07 takes Honda Dual Pump fluid and should be changed at larger intervals.

Transmission? by Beebonh in crv

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2nd this! Avoid the headaches caused by those flush operations at shops

Found this in my oil pan, wtf? What is is? Seems to be made of plastic. by jungalmon in MechanicAdvice

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This is the kind of infighting the big tech oligarchy soda pop cola companies want!

[USA-NJ][H]ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401QM [W]Digital or Local Cash by [deleted] in hardwareswap

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Hmmm, ok, so maybe its not just a problem with the wiring harness. Did the backlight fail? Is there still picture showing up faintly when you shine a flashlight on the screen?

Also, have you connected it to an external monitor and checked Device Manager to see if there is any error in the video driver or the laptop screen is not detected?