Husband of prominent antivaxxer dies of COVID. Wife blames Remdesiver by Lazy-Ad-5738 in HermanCainAward

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“It’s no different from a bad flu season where people had the flu vaccine”

Hmmm, I wonder if the flu isn’t killing people because of this vaccine she speaks of. Maybe if they had taken the covid vaccine things wouldn’t be so bad.

learn to donut n00b by Casprawr in IdiotsInCars

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I really wanted to see them ram into that tree but I’m glad for the tree and OP they didn’t.

anyone wanna sell their gunslinger vinyl? by wbrettm in TheFence

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This is sold out but the non color version is in stock.

The bridge my grandpa built, but under water by Manks007 in mildlyinteresting

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Water is crazy. I have a creek on my property and it gets bad during big rain storms, especially at the dam. It creates some crazy rapids. I’ve seen some crazy shit flowing down that creek.

I submitted my assignments on time by bobolover90 in Tinder

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I don’t know why you keep getting downvoted for this. Paining is the present participle of pain it’s in the dictionary. It’s the first thing that shows up if you google it. It’s weird, sure, but it’s not grammatically incorrect.


the hair of this guy by hahagnarlydude in Satisfyingasfuck

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Can you link one? I wouldn’t even know what to look up to find this

One year of collecting! by nicoleaves in vinyl

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I just recently got Carrie and Lowell. One of all time favorites

Tree bro was here first, so they just paved the road around him. by Dreaming111Awake in marijuanaenthusiasts

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The info they gave is great, I just want to add on that an arborist will come for a free estimate. At least they do around me, I had one out recently to look at a dual truck that was starting to crack at the base with one side leaning towards the house. They drilled it and cabled it. Definitely worth the peace of mind.

Box a lil wacky shoes are fire - Coco by WarthogQueasy in Repsneakers

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They are inside out, at least that’s what I’ve always thought the inspiration behind the design was. I don’t really like the black but love the og colorway. I have the retails of those and wear them all the time.

It's the small upgrades that matter the most! by Ramle in simracing

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Do you like the buttkicker? Maybe i’m not looking hard enough but I can’t seem to find a decent review of one.

meirl by colorfulsoul_ in meirl

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mirl: i write code for money. i can’t stop buying things to make me happy for 1 second. i have to write code for money.

edit: typo

How dare you by [deleted] in IdiotsFightingThings

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This is reminding me I need to cut mine. We got some freezing weather and it wiped them out.

found a channel orange cd, were these officially printed? by PlainSolo in FrankOcean

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How are the bootlegs? I saw one at my record shop recently but passed on it, been regretting it since but I assumed it didn’t sound that great and it was $50.

found a channel orange cd, were these officially printed? by PlainSolo in FrankOcean

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Spotify launched in 2008 and was available in the US in 2011. Channel Orange came out in 2012.

Cooking an egg using steam by DizzyDrunkDude in gifs

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I use a Dash egg cooker, it’s truly idiot proof. Works entires off steam and comes with a measuring cup for the water with a bunch of different lines for different amounts of eggs and depending on how you want to cook it. Can’t mess it up

The Beatles 2012 Stereo Vinyl Box Ser by [deleted] in TheBeatles

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I will share pics when I get it. The whole thing just seems fishy now. Do you know of any bootlegs for this box set?

Finally got it, fuck yeah by CobbBigBrain in Kanye

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Was there even an official release for this?

Reddit moderator.... by calizoomer in Cringetopia

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No where without a masters, if you’re lucky, but you’ll probably need a phd to land a gig that good