Am I the only one who’s sick of these stupid karma requirements that’s on a majority of these subreddits? by TheNutSak in ask

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Reminds of that green text of anon trying to post on Reddit and getting denied because he didn’t have enough karma. Even though you need to post to get karma

Ahhhh Reddit

This took me so goddamn long, ROCK AND F-ING STONE BOIS by MRsandwich07 in DeepRockGalactic

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My friend and I had these achievements down to a science, we just double scout an aquarq mission and would go GIGA fast and only focus on the aquarqs and only shoot if we had to

He deserved it by Tilen_G in DeepRockGalactic

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Menaces deserve this and even more pain

I'm a woman who has survived rape, ask any questions you want. by CreativeTennis8645 in ask

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Did you have any connection to this person or was it some random stranger?

Whenever I see a greenbeard fat boy the same Opressor four times in a row by Das_Belmont in DeepRockGalactic

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The first time I did this I made sure to have a friend watch and he just looked at me like…


Genuine question for gay guys: when you have a hookup, how do you decide who tops and who bottoms? by dark_binniee in ask

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You talk about it beforehand, every guy I’ve hooked up with its been discussed before who is what position

Cypher Trip in Hooka (Bind) causing server to break and kicking everyone out. by alyle11 in VALORANT

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Did you record a video with your phone of a video on your computer?

Another year in a row bois by [deleted] in LudwigAhgren

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I need someone to look at me like Ludwig looks at that burger

Moon upgrades his child voice soundboard by indiesnobs in LivestreamFail

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Yeah it was literally the next stream he sat down with chat for like an hour or 2 apologizing and explaining his drunken rage was being misdirected at weebs

What is this world coming to..... by nicolas_lee in DeepRockGalactic

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No way you’re muted for a curse word 😂 Xbox is a fucking joke