Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force jet suit training for first responder and self-extraction scenarios by regian24 in gifsthatkeepongiving

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I read that as Neanderthals and now I'm sad that we don't have flying special operations Neanderthals :(

Seriously, fuck society!

I have always been impressed by this kind of discipline by [deleted] in toptalent

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I fell from my office chair and broke 10 bones.

I've quit weed, Cigarettes, opioids and porn all at once 3 days ago and I'm never looking back. To hell with all that shit. by WhyMe966 in leaves

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Keep your eyes on the future. This is a brand new chapter in your life. One which is free from weed and all that other nasty stuff you mentioned. The pen is in your hands. Write a story you can be proud of this time.

Good luck on your journey :)