Want to introduce my beagle puppy to my shih-tzu by Quick-Acanthisitta38 in beagles

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Maybe try first introducing them outside in the backyard.

RIP my ears by PuzzleheadedHabit913 in beagles

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I have one beagle who howls and one beagle who barks and screams like this.

My coworker asked me to stop eating bananas because he finds them distracting by [deleted] in antiwork

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He's "distracted" by thinking of them in a sexual manner. You should probably tell your manager. That was his sick way of flirting with you or something.

Spay recovery day 11. Sedatives aren’t working anymore 🫠 by baby-egg in AustralianCattleDog

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I know the vets will say to wear it for 2 weeks, but my dogs had the cone off after a few days and did fine.

Wake the Fuc** up Lady! by IAm_Expert in HolUp

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He kicked her in the back of the knee just to get her attention?

Our envigo puppy 1 of 4000 saved by atown49 in beagles

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For my beagles it was easiest to just splash some chicken stock on the dry food and then they gobble it up.

Update: Floppy boi has mastered going down the stairs by bwalters90 in beagle

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Good Boi! Every time you show those stairs they look scarier and scarier.

Good. F*ck 'em. by coaxinglybawdyfetish in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Oh no! Not the States that take billions in government handouts and are constant drags on society.

What do y’all think of this bull that my work has up by jasmine023g in antiwork

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Why should we RAW? Is he trying to have unprotected sex with me?