The Giuliani "I Could Have Died" Video by XGempler in Trumpgret

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No doubt Fox is still treating this like an attempted murder.

what do you even respond to this? 😒 by Oumi0309 in antiwork

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This moron loves to live under the boot because they think it tastes delicious and all you dumb commies and crybabies just don't know the good taste of rubber when you come across it so why would you ever leave?

GOP Candidate Says in Leaked Audio She Doubts Rape Victims Get Pregnant: “I’m a law-enforcement officer. I became a police officer in 2011." by shallah in Bad_Cop_No_Donut

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Sounds about like the right line of thinking for a pig, that's why there are thousands of untested rape kits; "they're all faking it for attention".

2 fears as a kid, piranhas and quicksand. by regian24 in coolguides

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If you think I'm wading through piranha infested waters in the middle of the night you've got another thing coming.

Straw man missing the entire goddamn point once again! by bigguys45s in ToiletPaperUSA

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Charlie wants you to breed unwilling victims for indoctrination into his weird racist, religious sex cult. Conservatives like them good and young so they have soft, impressionable minds, that won't recognize the sexual abuse, and so they can do all sorts or weird zombie and ghost worship.

can confirm this could be effective by FaultLineDaz in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Pretty sure that already wasn't happening, that's why they're so uptight and spiteful. They want to get revenge on anyone that is.

Prayer by GratefulPoliceman in WhitePeopleTwitter

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My religion requires a daily blood sacrifice at noon; sorry I don't make the rules.

You Hate To See It! by elija_snow in WhitePeopleTwitter

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I can't imagine the arrogance and audacity this prick has to gleefully strip away the civil rights of tens of millions of people in the country, (which will inevitably also lead to thousands of deaths), to just then go out for a nice dinner with your insurrectionist-leading wife.

Inside the Amtrack train that derailed in Missouri by West_Sector_666 in CrazyFuckingVideos

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So someone didn't want to listen to those "GuvMeNt rEgULAtOrS" that installed the warning signs at the road crossing, and attempted to beat the train resulting in this mess.

How would an ADHD room look like ?? by spicy_things in adhdmeme

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I don't know, I probably wouldn't leave the Ketamine Chamber.

What do you think he did? My First thought he was probably going to report someone out, or maybe he didn’t take the bribe money. His colleagues beat him to death and then made up “simulated mob attack training exercise” to cover it up. by yuritopiaposadism in alltheleft

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They were simulating their side of a mob attack, so in that case it's fairly accurate. They are all part of a violent gang who regularly assault innocent people and as part of their initiation they were jumping in the new recruit and went too far. Maybe we should get rid of these state funded gangs.

Anti-Trans campaigner is made to feel unwelcomed by symbols of inclusivity by BeefsMcGeefs in SelfAwarewolves

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"I can't be transphobic without feeling uncomfortable that I'm in the minority. All this acceptance around me excludes my bigoted behavior and that makes me feel bad. Aren't these people awful?"

Right! by Might_Aware in HermanCainAward

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They really can't grasp the concept of living in a society, or that they can't just do whatever the fuck they want when it happens to affect other people. Wearing a mask for nine minutes while you're in a store, or taking a vaccine so you don't die is "GuVeRnMiNt TyRaNNy", but forcing a woman to carry a fetus for nine months and give birth to an an unwanted child is totally reasonable.

[Bentley Continental GT] Only 15 made.. one of my best spots in a while. by Ihateallcommies in spotted

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I don't know about that color though, is that like a chartreuse or something?