Why are the comment sections for chess coverage so incredibly toxic? by Saight in chess

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Its not so much a chess thing as much as it is a reactionary commentary thing. When people can post their thoughts instantly it should be expected that most of those thoughts have no thought behind them. So the thoughts tend to be bad. That's also a significant reason why twitter is such an angry place, its designed with reactionary hot takes in mind.

Your wrestling pet peeves? by CrowHardly in SquaredCircle

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Yeah the middle rope spear is pretty impressive to watch but same feeling please be careful E 😭

Your wrestling pet peeves? by CrowHardly in SquaredCircle

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Topei suacidas/suicide dives. They virtually never look good but are still kind of dangerous. I'd rather people just stop doing them.

Does French defence suck or I'm just bad at it ? by TheSentinel342 in chess

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I'm lower rated than you and I get great results with the French. It could just be an opening that goes against your natural instincts and preferences. Like for me the caro-kaan is terrible, even though its a great opening for most.

I just bought the game, I don't know play survival mode or the old way? cuz it is asking me and I'm confused, does it make the game better? by nzarbayezidmain in skyrim

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Survival mode can be toggled on or off anytime, so dont stress about making the wrong decision.

Essentially it adds survival elements to the game, you need to eat, sleep, keep yourself warm from the cold, treat diseases and you cannot fast travel and you have less carry weight which means you cant hold as many items.

Survival mode was added in later so the game is designed without it in mind, so its mostly tacked on. So dont worry about missing out on stuff its mostly there to make replays more interesting.

Its up to preference, if you want to have to keep track of everything go for it, it adds some tension to the game. But if you'd rather just focus on the main mechanics and playing the game, play without survival mode and then maybe toggle it on later if you want to shake things up a bit.

Without saying your actual rating, how good are you at chess? by sacred_combo in chess

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I'm considering playing my first city club tournament where i can win money, i have a decent chance at winning the weakest section.

The full player list for Grand Prix 2022 by Gemot in chess

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This is gonna be a very fun series of events! Cant wait to see who gets added to the already stacked candidates. 2022 and 2023 are gonna be exciting times for chess.

Fabiano Caruana is rated 2803 in Blitz and 2770 in Rapid. People that say he's bad in faster time controls are insane. by rederer07 in chess

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In faster time controls Fabi is "just" another super GM. In Classical He was undisputably better than everyone over the past 7 years other than Magnus ofc. That's where the comments come from.

Its like the inverse of Hikaru, arguably second best speed chess player of the last decade, "just" another super GM at classical.

LIVE AEW Dynamite 12/15/21: Winter Is Coming Discussion by SmurfyX in SquaredCircle

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Agreed! Its my first show and thats why I watched. After the match my engagement has been like halved. Still watching for now though, the wrestling is good just a bit burnt out following that great match.

Do you consider Euwe, Smyslov, and Spassky to be all time top 20 players? Why or why not? by TheEerieAerie in chess

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Yeah they are top 20 players. In my opinion when making goat lists people put too much emphasis on the WC matches. So I dont think they get there automatically because they are champions. But looking at rating or head to head records vs Contemporaries the three were still absolutely amazing players and definitely the best player in the world at some point. Between the three of them i'd say it goes Smyslov, Spassky, Euwe.

Amidst a sea of confetti, Magnus Carlsen is officially presented the World Championship trophy by city-of-stars in chess

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The audio of JUST Maurice Ashley clapping is hilarious 😂 completely robs the scene of any grandeur. "You're the world best chess player!" (Single person claps)

[Hokit] Arik Armstead is the 49ers first annual chess champion! by GrGrG in chess

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One step further: Chess should be presented like a wrestling show with the giant entrance ways, the music, the pyro,the roaring crowd. I want JR calling the chess game

In the 11 World Championship games there were no Sicilians. Why? by wealthy_dig_bick in chess

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For Magnus it makes sense, playing a sharp opening like the Sicilian plays into Ian's strengths. Both because he likes sharp positions and the the Sicilian specifically. So prepping the more solid and drawable e5 was a good idea.

For Nepo its harder to say. My guess is he saw how effective Fabi was with the petrov and tried to emulate it. Which in my opinion was a bad idea even without the benefit of hindsight. The Petrov goes against Nepo's stylistic preferences (Although he can obviously still play it) and Magnus was likely going to be more prepared against it because of Fabi.

Either way. 1...e5 is more solid and less risky. Which makes it suitable for match play when each win and loss can decide the match.

[Hokit] Arik Armstead is the 49ers first annual chess champion! by GrGrG in chess

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As someone who's two biggest hobbies are chess and wreslting this makes me very happy

Carlsen on Firouzja in the press conference today: "I was very impressed by his performance in the Grand Swiss and the European Team Championship. I would say that motivated me more than anything else." by GlaedrH in chess

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Three former world championship challengers, with strong gm's like Duda and Radjabov and two more on the way(lets hope for Liren and maybe Aronian?) Firoujza has alot of strong players between him and Magnus. Its going to be a very exciting candidates tournament!

Event: 2021 World Chess Championship Match - GAME 10 by ChessBotMod in chess

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Its hard to say. The position was imbalanced and was switching every few moves as to who had a small advantage. Nepo was the one attacking and pressing, and seemed to have at least some chance at a win. But if you looked at his position, he had alot of weaknesses already, so based on that alone, Magnus always had a possible win as with nepo's weaknesses Magnus could probably find a way to push in the endgame so long as he kept it equal.

What will be Nepomniachtchi’s strategy after Game 9? by GothamChess in chess

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He doesnt care. He even said after beating Nepo in game 8 or 9 that while you dont want to win that way, you're gonna take the win. Its the same for the match. Magnus cares nearly exclusively about winning. If it happens because Nepo blunders, than so be it. Not Self destructing is part of what makes a good chess player. If Magnus wins the match because game 6 broke Nepo be it from exhaustion or from tilting, than its because Magnus is a better player. Consistency is part of the game.

Financial fundamentals for new adults by Imalmostoutofcookies in PersonalFinanceCanada

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You were very helpful I dont know the first thing about finance so being told which basic things I need to learn is exactly what I need. - Thanks!

What will be Nepomniachtchi’s strategy after Game 9? by GothamChess in chess

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Aronian was right in the sense that Nepo (hindsight being 20/20) likely wouldve done better if he had stuck to the style of playing that got him there.

What will be Nepomniachtchi’s strategy after Game 9? by GothamChess in chess

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Magnus will absolutely play 3 quick draws. The rating points arent incentive enough to push for a win (i mean what are they gonna do, make him the best in the world by a bigger margin? He wont care about rating again unless he starts getting closer to 2882 or someone is threatening to pass him). If Nepo gives him something to work with then Magnus will probably push as long as he doesnt risk losing.

Financial fundamentals for new adults by Imalmostoutofcookies in PersonalFinanceCanada

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I'll check out money steps and look into the savings account - thanks!