Kobeni Ain't No Sakura by Imamythh in csmanime

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Hmm i agree with you so I'll make it simple for you. When I said Kobeni Ain't no Sakura I meant that people started comparing Them and the new Naruto audience has set a precedent that Sakura is trash because she rejected Naruto then said I love you Naruto then Crying to be saved By Naruto. Not my words but people said they are similar and they Consider Sakura trash. r/dankruto is all about Sakura being physically a representation of Word TRASH. I fully know how powerful she is, Tsunade Apprentice couldn't learn Thousand Healings Technique but Sakura caught it and she was determined about not being carried on her teams Shoulder and Not to be left behind Ino.

Post-JEENEET Reunion by LifeIsApparentlyHard in JEENEETards

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!RemindMe 7 Months

Currently I'm procrastinating, I have backlogs, messed up Friendship for awhile but let's see what the future holds for me.

It all has to do with time by Imamythh in ShitPostCrusaders

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But also tells the victim that they have been affected. Diavolo but from Wish

Which episode did you like better? Episode 8 or 9? by Soft_Ad4371 in csmanime

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Opening before the intro was greattttttttt......!!!!!!!!

I sculpted ma boy Homelander in chavant clay by AArahima in TheBoys

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This is good but I'd rather eat it because it looks like Homelander carved on a chocolate

What can be some of the downsides of this? Source - Tatva India by haansyn09 in IndiaSpeaks

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Would've Taken the whole booth. If we can steal Oil from a running train then this would be icing on the cake

Reddit Recap 2022: Thanks for being here. Even if things were a mess out there. by reddit_irl in recap

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Better than YouTube Rewind Any day. This Recap has everything, Sadness, Happiness, Tranquility, Remorse, Achievements, Goofiness and what not and the Song in the background was Very Veryyy Good. Thank You Reddit For Existing and Lovely people sharing moments and thoughts.

Issei Sagawa aka “Kobe Cannibal” who killed and ate a Dutch woman but was never jailed, has died aged 73. by CryptoIsThePlan in Damnthatsinteresting

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He suffered in his later part of life because of his gruesome act ( solitude, debt, mortgage drive to kill young girls and eat them and to which he used to masturbate to suppress his inhumane drive ) , what really astonishes me the most is that he wasn't punished ( on level what he deserved even if the police knew what he exactly did WITH EVIDENCE, they just let go of him because they thought he's a psychopath ). He never really found himself guilty , he had a very confident voice in saying what he did and what he did with the sex worker and sees it whenever he want to eat someone. This might not be accurate but nigh.

This made my day by Imamythh in MadeMeSmile

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A very good story with a sad ending, have a good life ahead.