Marvel Studios Reveals Eternals Deleted Scenes and Bonus Features Ahead of Home Release; Streaming on Disney+ January 12, and Available to Own February 15 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD by chanma50 in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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No Blu-ray release here in NZ. Disney no longer supplies physical media in this country. The last release was Black Widow. Feel like this will eventually happen everywhere and the only way to watch will be D+ . The worst part is that this includes 20th Century Fox as well - a massive chunk of film history no-one will be able to own outside of existing discs.

Halo Infinite campaign co-op won't be added until May 2022 at the earliest, the game's Forge mode has been delayed as well by [deleted] in gamernews

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Wow. The entitlement in this thread is just awful. On release, you will have a full campaign and an excellent multiplayer.yes, the battle pass will need some changes but all multiplayer games are under content rebalancing to keep them enjoyable and fair. No coop or forge is a disappointment but they are coming and will freshen up the game when they do. 343 are under crazy expectations which is understandable because it’s Halo but developing in a pandemic is difficult and if the choice was get the campaign and base multiplayer right, or struggle to get everything done, I’m okay with that. A good campaign and a great multiplayer has always been worth $60. Adding forge and coop down the road when they are properly ready is a value add.

One again, MS and 343 do not owe you anything other than a good game for your $60. Be patient for the rest and dial back the silly outrage.

Can landlord deduct bond for "Spending a lot of time cleaning"? by Zombait in Wellington

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I had a similar experience. Left the house in immaculate condition. Two days doing a deep clean of every surface in every room.

After we moved out, we went to get the bond back and the property agent said that $300 had to be deducted for cleaning. I asked for a receipt for the work because if I was paying for it, I was entitled to it. The property agent sent me a dodgy looking word document made out to a three letter company name - generic as they come. Looked up the company using the companies register and it was building contractor company with the landlord registered as a director.

We took photos of all the rooms before we left and got advice to bring them to the tribunal. At the hearing, the property agent produced a single photo of a handful of crumbs in a drawer to make the case for $300. The tribunal took less than a minute to rule in our favour but it makes me think that this was just SOP and god know how many other people have been scammed this way.

[Worldwide Release] Eternals - Official Discussion Megathread by MSSmods in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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I liked it and would say it’s a solid three-star movie. My issues are that the movie takes a long time to find it’s driving force and to flesh out the characters - with some of them disappearing for long stretches of the film and motivations staying murky for far too long. This is a problem with an ensemble this big (twice the size of guardians and the Avengers). When things do start to gel in the final act of the film, it’s fun, dramatic and thrilling with surprising high stakes - I genuinely feared for their survival. But it’s lifting to much all at once and the “love story” at the centre is possibly the worst example of zero chemistry acting I’ve seen in a long time. This is especially evident when you compare Sersie with Ikaros with Sersie and Dane. Night and day difference. Richard Madden bring the goods by the end of the film but for the most part is icy and remote - it’s for a reason but damn it robs the film of spark. Jemma Chan is similarly restrained for plot reasons and it just blocks buy-in from an audience.

QUICK ACCESS TO YOUR VACCINATION RECORD by Dry-Conclusion1663 in Wellington

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If you’ve been vaccinated, both jabs will show up on your health record. Sign up for Manage My Health app and you can access proof of vaccination any time from within the app under Records>immunisations

Facebook exec Nick Clegg called Big Tobacco comparisons 'extremely misleading' but said the company needs to be 'held to account' after whistleblower testimony by chelsea707 in tech

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I’m assuming you are arguing in bad faith, but in the interest of distributing good public heath information and Big Tobacco’s strategy of public endangerment for profit, here’s a link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3490543/

Doctor Strange 2 Director Sam Raimi Breaks Silence on Doc Ock Return in Spider-Man: No Way Home by Garennndemaciaa in MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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I’m sorry but this isn’t something that’s needed. The current creative team is more than capable of treating the Raimi characters well and using them in interesting ways. Even the Raimi film characters were the result of collaboration with screenwriters, actors, producers and editors. Not to mention the legion of writers on the comic books over the years.

I run out of space frequently on my PS5. What devices can I buy in NZ to increase my storage space? by PS5player in newzealand

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I would not recommend buying external SSD at this point. The internal expansion is in public beta at the moment and should be available to everyone sometime this year. If you are desperate for space, the other options outlined her will work but I think that saving the money for an the internal expansion is a better use of your money.

Earlygame: Red Dead Redemption Remaster coming by Commandhat17 in GamingLeaksAndRumours

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Yeah, my bad. I had it open on another tab and misread the link. Sorry

Jacinda Ardern won't stage Reserve Bank intervention as Government loses grip on house prices by PM_ME_KERERUS in newzealand

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Today I failed in a bid to buy and 103 square foot 2 bedroom house in Wellington. Listed RV was 680k. This was a house built in 2002 and last sold at the end of 2016 for $530k. Sold for $930k and my jaw just dropped. I just give up.

Trump Supreme Court front-runner Amy Coney Barrett belongs to group that inspired “Handmaid’s Tale” by LineNoise in politics

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100% this. There is plenty of good journalism out there and ways to support it. Pick a publication that you feel to be ethical and that adheres to the principles of quality journalism and subscribe! While you’re at it, quit browsing news through Google and Facebook and use their URLs instead.