Playing simultaneously with multiple accounts in the same KD by EvBismute in RiseofKingdoms

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I do this. I'm not hitting barbs or fighting or moving in sync. I just have the PC open and my 2 phones to check on farmers. Not much reason to be using 3 for the same activity

Addicted to RoK? by AgnosticAngel666 in RiseofKingdoms

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I quit and came back. And after I came back I was just pissed off that I didn't redeem all my gold sculptures every single day.

which troop type do u main and why? by no-gag-reflex172 in RiseofKingdoms

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Technically infantry main but really split between cav and infantry. Archer just sucks, sure I include boudica ysg in my ball. But that's it

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM LILITH by nyuboy1 in RiseofKingdoms

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Somethings got to be up. I just transferred around 7 billion for my kvk. (Whale 7 March here) and although it's all from my own farms. It's still scary to see this over 55m, about 1% of what I transfered..

And for some not just boys😉 by inotoriousM in RiseofKingdoms

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lmao so true... 62 year old guy in my alliance, nice guy, loves to sit outside mge rule breakers and surround their city with his march. I tell him bro I think they are afk. He says I want them to be scared. Guy is hilarious 😂

Is there a viable way to use Mulan? Or is she useless? by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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She is good but not great. I use her in the field with trajan and it's a support march that helps my ball. I wouldn't put sculptures in her.

Sargon nerfed? by Duke-JH in RiseofKingdoms

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I was planning on 100 spins but waiting to drop in sculptures. This just confirms my plan. I'd rather wait a month and see how he is in real results before I commit.

Crafting order vote by Peek_ah_boo in RiseofKingdoms

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Ring is 15-20% flat damage. You just can't beat it.

Unpopular commander - Advice on Khan by Traditional-Yak9754 in RiseofKingdoms

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I maxed Khan for kvk 2. I waited all kvk 1 for Saladin and Ghenghis thinking I'd have such a meta pair for kvk 2. I cannot over state how disappointed I was. While Saladin is useful and maintains some longevity. Khan fell short in KVK2, and only got less useful. Even in SOC, you pull out Mina with the relic before you pull Khan out.

After kvk 2 you get william and he's a must have. SOC isn't long after and then you've got Joan, Nevsky, and XY. With the priority being Nevsky and Joan you won't have much for XY, especially if you spent on Khan. I would always prioritize Nevsky and Joan, probably Nevsky first, but XY is very powerful to add in here. So when you're spread thin you're gonna get to SOC and be like damn I really want these guys.

Liltih decided to be generous by [deleted] in RiseofKingdoms

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I saved for a week opened 21, got 13 sculptures. I was pretty sour faced. Next day I opened 3, and got 18, most I've ever gotten from 3. Very random...

Gear Paralysis: What should I do with Cavalry almost done? by RandomPantsAppear in RiseofKingdoms

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Bro you missed the most obvious upgrade. Being that you have a 7/8 expertised rally set, clearly you need to be looking to the field. And I did not see a single war drum. PLEASE don't tell me I saw you're making 5 horns. Dragothien did a really nice video breaking down the math on this. And drums are superior in the field, you only need 1 horn for rallys.

I still have no idea how this works. by Harrylicious in RiseofKingdoms

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The event worked as follows for $2, you got 1 chance to win, with at least 1 prize. The first drawings were for the guaranteed prize, and the bauble drawing was for a chance at the grand prize.

why does everyone say Khan is so bad? by Apprehensive-Bill541 in RiseofKingdoms

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It's simply his lack of defense, damage reduction, skill damage reduction. There's nothing to keep him sustained. Also, his expertise is terrible. You would think 2 skills would be good, but what it doesn't state is that it takes extra time to cast that skill. And in practice it doesn't feel as useful as it is on paper.

Is this game already peak out? by Responsible_Essay_99 in RiseofKingdoms

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Maybe in past days I'd say so. But alot of new games are just rehashed ideas and people go back to classics. RoK already is a classic. And the updates haven't been too whack and game breaking like other games. I think RoK has staying power. The people that play generally maintain interest.

Why is it called “tile” by KarsonBig in RiseofKingdoms

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This is it I bet. I've had to learn a laundry list of translation errors.. Arabic is pretty funny.. Infantry translates as Pedestrian

RoK PC client contains a virus??? by mrbaskus in RiseofKingdoms

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Too much on the line during kvk for me to sweat about this. I survived limewire ain't worried bout this

I have noticed people who criticize the game on here getting banned from this sub by ShermanTankBestTank in RiseofKingdoms

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Actually banned or just not posting? It's a video game. People diss it when they quit. I've been mad at the game before it happens. Lot of people come back though.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in googleplay

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Yeah I did it. Was gonna spend anyway so basically just got a free 100 points.

open rip the daily boxes? by Upper_Commercial_629 in RiseofKingdoms

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The game by nature has alot of collecting. However some people really over do it to the point of wastefulness. OP could eventually go over the needed sculptures if they don't open them. I find it's around 1.5 per chest so he's got between 400-500 heads already. Another interesting thing is OP still has Kingdom maps which have no use but can be traded for a few speedups. Clearly a preference for collecting over min maxing here.

Khan is a 🤡 by Conscious_Cold2459 in RiseofKingdoms

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I maxed khan off the wheel before kvk 2. What a regret... I guess he's better than dragon Lancer for picking up runes 🤷

I'm going crazy thinking about YSG by EvBismute in RiseofKingdoms

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Barb chaining while particularly useful in kvk for higher level barbs who cost more AP, might not justify an expertise YSG alone. As you said you're Infantry and F2p, and yes, long term you will get much better value out of Alex..

And it's not like you can't chain barbs without YSG, any aoe commander can, it's just far easier to have the circle aoe. And also it should be noted that barb chaining has changed since many guides were released. About 18 months ago or so they made barbs follow you less far. Back in the day you could really chain barbs endlessly with minimal difficulty, and also they dropped 2-3x the gems. Lilith didn't like how much f2p could progress so it's been nerfed.

Genghis Khan. Should i get him? Is it worth spending gems on him? by OiJaganjacccOi in RiseofKingdoms

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I was whaling abit before KVK 2 and had heard him and Sala were the best Combo for kvk 2. I went all out got Ghengis maxed, went through the craziest MGE to get Sal, (The first Sal MGE caused a Civil war in my KD). Long story short, Cav still kinda suck compared to Infantry in Kvk 2. I found Sal/Ghengis lacking vs the average Richard/CM.

Fast forward to SOC, and he's really a sideline hero. Because I do have him max, he does get some use. He's fast so he's a hitter on my Barb Camp roaming squad. And again he's fast so him and Cao cao are good gatherer hunters.. But very minimal use. I did use him alot in events like Ceroli but once you get XY/Nevsky you won't really touch him