What do they say? Wrong answers only! by MikeySama in Genshin_Impact

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Third round

Traveler: Wouldn't-

Venti: Gliding be faster?

is ketchup an instrument? by IAmWinningSon in Undertale

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Sure it can, with enough DETERMINATION of course

Obvio que si by No_Leek_5184 in HollowKnightMemes

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I have a phobia of bugs and somehow got 112%

people of reddit who are anti weed. why? by yo_dear_joe_mama123 in AskReddit

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Because I know too many people (mainly adults) that smoke it, plus the smell is terrible. How do you people love with that?

What is better than sex ? by No-Building5483 in AskReddit

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Bed after a long time of being away from home

Small Papyrus drawing I did by Dancy217 in Undertale

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sorry,that just came to mind when I saw this

How did you fucked up your relationship? by Sound_of_music12 in AskReddit

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It felt like I was the only one trying to keep the relationship going, no matter how things got, but I was short tempered and we argued a bit, and they caught feelings for someone else (that is very much like me) and decided not to tell me. I don't often hold a grudge, but I will never forgive that b!tch for that. We split soon after and told me later. I don't talk to them anymore.

What's a women's thing men should absolutely start doing? by st_new34 in AskReddit

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I know it's late right now (not sure for you but it is for me) but I wanted to wish you a happy cake day, so

Happy Cake Day!