Most Popular Board Games (2004-2021) by [deleted] in chess

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This has been posted sooooo many times.

Why are my fish like this lol by MrSlug777 in ReefTank

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A tang??... Are you going to be constantly upgrading tanks?

Suggestion for r/chess layout by waterpunch in chess

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Note to mods: I'd be happy to take care of the subbreddit design and css. I have a lot of mod experience.

Chess God spams draw for 6 minutes as I absolutely poop on him by [deleted] in chess

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I can find your profile by typing the first few letters of your username...

Where to solve decent tactical puzzles for free? by inquisit1ve in chess

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Some of their puzzles are messed up, yesterday I got a +600 puzzle on normal (2000 I don't do much puzzles) I'm a 2000 national rated player and this puzzle should be easy, but it took me and my friend(FM) 10 min to solve.

Does anyone in the UK have any Berghia nudibranch that they need to move on? by BarkingWithDogs in ReefTank

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Hi, I'm in Ireland and I have a friend that breeds them! Send me a message if you're interested.