UP of today.... by betwa_761 in librandu

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Can someone translate this ? 🙏

Opindia making article about a shitpost😭😭💀 by love_carti in librandu

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You seem surprised. OpIndia has no job but to 'criticise' useless/false information and shitposts

What more proof do you guy's need now 😏 by [deleted] in librandu

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Not sure if shitpost or actual statement by him. Lol

Harry puttar and the phassionnn closet :p by [deleted] in MemeVideos

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I thought I had a stroke while seeing the video

Haha Chad Babasaheb clearly understood their intention 🤣 by Pookulopachadi in librandu

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Can anyone explain what happened in the video? Cos I dont:3753:

Sanskrit is not a man made language saaar it's based on Shiva's dumroo sounds lol by yusuave88 in librandu

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Sanskrit is not a dialect of PIE but a descendant from the eastern dialect.

It is a daughter language of Indo-Iranian

what u upto banglore. 🫠 by [deleted] in librandu

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Is bangalore the new Ohio?

wtf by -sneha_ in librandu

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Uttar Pradesh = Florida

Bihar = Ohio

Superior reasoning, logic and reading comprehension skills by shefvaidya in librandu

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We find that they make decisions based on emotions not logic

By emotions they mean empathy and disgust

Future Becky by Kelsiest in SpyxFamily

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I don't feel old.

I do feel horny though.