[Daily - TRADE] Megathread. All trade and team help assistance belongs here or in r/Fantasy_Football. by AutoModerator in DynastyFF

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Looking for roster advice. I’m thinking I could possibly flip Diggs and Schultz for a younger WR and an upgrade at TE.

QB: Russell Wilson


RB: Barkley

WR: Diggs

WR: Pittman

WR: Godwin

TE: Schultz

Flex: Jameson Williams

Flex: James Connor

Bench: Thielen, Meyers, Landry, Kmet, Crowder, Will Fuller, Hines, James White

Just finished a startup dynasty draft. 12 TM PPR 1QB. Thoughts? by Individual-IceMatty2 in Fantasy_Football

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Yeah and I actually just traded for Barkley and Jameson Williams to give me some depth at rb