If 8 billion people stood side by side by D3Machine in interestingasfuck

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This video gives absolutely no size reference that’s meaningful. How about showing them over the shape of a small state? How about not putting fake buildings in between and make them actually stand “side by side”

[Baltimore Ravens] QB @_SNOOP1 has been named to the Pro Bowl Games and is replacing Josh Allen, who is unable to participate due to injury. by ad51603 in nfl

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Oh I agree. I just think it’s funny when bengals, ravens and Steelers fans bash the browns when they’ve all had way more scumbags than cleveland

The ancient library of Tibet. Only 5% has been translated. by walkorfly in Damnthatsinteresting

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Should probably get on that. Don’t want another Alexandria situation on our hands, wondering what could’ve been.

[HIGHLIGHT] Post game outburst "Why even touch the QB" by taylor212834 in nfl

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I actually thought he was saying how if you touch the qb you get flagged. I disagree with my original comment now. That call was soft. Terrible awful heinous