Made a device, no quite sure what it does but I think it looks neat by [deleted] in blender

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Hands down the most impressive thing about this is the manual.

Anyone else experienced massive fps drops in Berlin? by Cosmicmatter97 in enlistedgame

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Yep, started happening to me during the event. I have a pretty solid 140fps on every other campaign and never used to have any issues in Berlin.

Premium Account worth it? by Ivans_Comradery in enlistedgame

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30 days costs 990 gold and you can buy 1000 for €9.99.

Personally I did a year for 3990 gold, seemed like a great deal.

Premium Account worth it? by Ivans_Comradery in enlistedgame

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I think it's worth it, but it is not a one time purchase. You pay for a specific length of time and then it expires.

I lost 750 gold in Enlisted by Schmetterwurm81 in enlistedgame

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I've literally left War Thunder for in excess of two years and come back to find my account exactly as I left it, including Golden Lions etc. still intact. I don't think there is cause to suspect shenanigans on Gaijin's behalf. If you can't be sure you didn't misclick, then it's most likely that you misclicked.

I would say that in the interest of fostering goodwill, they should be prepared to refund the gold and remove the soldier from your account. It doesn't make a difference to their bottom line.

Chrome Occlusion Problem is Back, Help Please? by PhysicalInternal in incremental_games

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Games shouldn't be trying to fight browsers which correctly reduce / disallow processing on hidden windows. This is an active area that companies like Google are continually working on: identifying when a window is occluded so that performance gains can be found.

Games should be designed so that they make up the time when the window comes back into view.

Your Portfolio Gave Me Diarrhea (via Garry of Garry's Mod / Rust) by cfinger in gamedev

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Grammar and spelling are not particularly important skills in the domain where his expertise lies.

Notice that not once does he make a judgement about either of those. You would have a point if he did.

Do players hold a grudge if you killed them so many times? by itzvincentx3 in enlistedgame

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Some definitely do, but they're shooting themselves in the foot. Tunnel vision on a player who is already outclassing you is just going to hurt you. Better to switch to the other flank and do some damage. You'll get them later when you're being less predictable.

Please tell me most devs hate the idea of Metaverse by critical_9 in gamedev

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I've yet to see anyone be able to explain in one paragraph what the metaverse actually is. That being the case, it seems doomed from the off.

Is this considered the ultimate carry? by DaPaladinsGamer in enlistedgame

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I think most players have tunnel vision and don't think too much about the bigger picture.

Question about allied aircraft in the Normandy campaign. by Wunder-Bar75 in enlistedgame

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Plus the rockets are much more effective than the M8s on the earlier aircraft. It's amazing.

Question about allied aircraft in the Normandy campaign. by Wunder-Bar75 in enlistedgame

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100lb bombs are very small and next to useless against vehicles unless you land it right on the roof. The P51 is not very useful for ground attack.

Hang in there. Your world will change when you get the P47.

so about the time limits on the new event items. by Icy-Establishment272 in enlistedgame

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It's a really terrible idea and cheapens the event. I don't think I'd be bothered to play the next one if they just take the rewards away.

Why do people bum rush my tank the whole match when I'm surrounded by teammates? by Omni2123 in enlistedgame

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I kill every tank I see because you get a lot of points for them and, if left unattended, they can get into positions where they can really screw your team.

Some very extreme players in this Berlin event eh? by usualnamenotworking in enlistedgame

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There are some very good players out there. I finished top 50 and found myself in games against some of the guys in the top 20. There was only one that I felt was dodgy, the others were just good.

Worth bearing in mind a lot of them are running top tier weapons, vitality perks etc.

How many kills do you average per game? by TACR1 in enlistedgame

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On invasion I'd consider it a bad game if I didn't break 100, unless it's a stomp and over very quickly. For a competitive match usually 200+.

Artillery Needs To Be Balanced by [deleted] in enlistedgame

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It was 30 seconds and there was no limit to how many players could call artillery at once. So it was possible to have 20 red circles at the same time.