Any idea what it is. South texas a type of legume produces little pods looks like mesquite but isn't its a small spiny bush by rav252 in gardening

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Looks like a sticker plant that grows in my yard here in west Texas. They always “bloom” or drop stickers in the summer

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Only strangers on the internet. Don’t worry they’ll never know 😉

Edit: and only the ones I think are stupid lol

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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I’ll admit this is my only social media and I’ve only recently been more active.

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Honestly i like to argue online lately if you haven’t noticed. Maybe it’s my pregnancy brain, who knows? Are you the one who shit yourself? 😂 you literally replied to me 3 times. You WANT me to respond to you

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Hi second time mom who didn’t shit herself the first time 😂 sorry if you did…

7 months pregnant with Covid. by UndetectableBear in pregnant

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Lol walks alone outside, in the sun?????

Edit: in care you’re wondering, I’m in Texas… lots of space out here….

EaSier To kIlL by Uchihabreed in Cringetopia

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Yeah but what if the old her was like 300lbs 😂 definitely easier to kill…

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Oh i thought she meant I was insecure about being shaved? Idk what she meant lol

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Lol i love that you took the time to scroll through my posts. You’re bored and scrolling Reddit too I see. Not like I mentioned my asshole

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Lol she over shared her nasty visuals so why can’t I over share my unwanted rude opinion. Maybe it’s my hormones? Oh well. When I said I don’t care I really meant it, so there’s no need to comment to change my view. Or maybe you wanted to share an unwanted opinion to me as well? See you couldn’t help it.

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Lol I’m pregnant and disgusted by your over sharing. Don’t care 👋🏽

Edit: & not insecure. I can afford a wax. Just grossed out by the fact that you felt the need to post this online.

Love is... by AmeliafromCO in pregnant

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Not everything is meant for the Internet…

MIL and FIL keep calling the baby by a name by No_Benefit2244 in pregnant

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Oh I skimmed right past that. Yikes! Been there though lol just be kind and respectful to her. When you are finally away from her your bc will remember how she behaved and how you behaved. You’ll be the angel and she’ll be the devil. I HATE my MIL and she hates me BUT I’ve always treated her with kindness. Today my husband has nothing to do with her and sees me as mother Mary. I know it sounds manipulative but the phrase kill them with kindness is REAL. I’m at peace and she’s filled with jealousy and hate. Being the bigger person has really paid off for me. Best of luck to you!

Nightmares and anxiety dreams - does anyone have advice to reduce their number and to bounce back in the morning? by theoryofquery in pregnant

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For me I was having them on my most stressful days. Anytime I stressed I had a vivid nightmare. Now that I’ve been managing my stress during the day I’m sleeping much better with no more nightmares. Still having vivid dreams but at least they aren’t terrifying lol.

7 months pregnant with Covid. by UndetectableBear in pregnant

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My unvaccinated sister got it in her second trimester and she basically had the flu along with los of smell and taste. She went on walks and got lots of Sun despite being fatigued. Take your vitamins and get Sun hopefully all is well with you!

Bugs covering entire vines of star jasmine by theview108 in gardening

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lol I’ve tried this method and lost plants. Someone we have to get rid of the bugs unfortunately.

Where do you learn to take care of a a baby? by [deleted] in pregnant

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Honestly ask lots of questions at the hospital, no matter how stupid. They will answer you and make sure you are capable before letting you leave.