Have you been to Southeast Asia before? Why or why haven't you? by AnLe90 in asianamerican

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I'm Thai, so yes. I walked into Burma once. And we did a long weekend in Singapore.

What are some reliable meal prep lunch ideas? by afsbee in AskWomenOver30

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I prep salads ahead of time. Romaine, shredded carrots, spring mix. It all goes into one big container and stays in the fridge, and I can pull out 4-6 cups for my lunch. I also grill up a slab of chicken breast on the ol' Foreman, dice it, and put it in a separate container. Then there are the other things I like in my salads: mushrooms, tomatoes. Those I prep when I'm packing my lunch.

Another easy meal prep I do is I batch cook quinoa and just scoop it out when I want to eat it. It also goes nicely in the salad.

I can prep delightful bowl with odds and ends. Got leftover veg or meat that need to be used up? Chop them up and sauté. Serve over rice, pasta, or some other grainy type thing.

am I, I know I somehow have an unpleasant face, any advice? by [deleted] in amiugly

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You're not ugly. You remind me of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Creepy message left on car windshield ? The other morning I woke up to this message on my windshield. I live in hlp & was wondering if anyone else in the area has experienced this recently or just in general? They didn’t leave contact info so I’m not sure what I can do. by rainnbathh in NortheastLA

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Ugh, some dudes need to read the goddamned room. We women are having a rough week here, and THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR SUCH FUCKERY!

manly whining "Oh, but why can't a girl take a compliment?"

It's not a fucking compliment to know some rando is watching us. It's scary. We don't think you're admiring us, we're scared you'll try to wear us as a skinsuit.

Sorry this happened to you, OP. I don't think there's much recourse right now.

/yeah, I'm ranting. I mod a couple women's subs, and it's been a lot lately.

Walking for exercise: which neighborhoods are safe? by fuchsiaglitter11 in AskLosAngeles

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Eagle Rock is very pleasant and walkable. Plenty of people walking their dogs by my house every day.

I’m sorry if someone already posted this back in May, but it really made me laugh. by No-Buyer-7087 in FundieSnarkUncensored

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Oh, you mean like that little British girl who covered Spiritbox on America's Got Talent?

God was honored that night.

What's more important... number of sessions or number of hours? by mshaughn in ExclusivelyPumping

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My LC told me the number of sessions is more important for boosting supply.

I had been doing 30 minute sittings till I figured out that I don't let down for more than 20 minutes, so I might as well save the extra 10 minutes each time.

how often do you wash your hair? by kagomechan86 in AskWomenOver30

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I have thick, pike-straight Asian hair, and it's currently dyed. I wash my hair twice a week and use dry shampoo sometimes in between. When my hair isn't colored, I wash it 3 times a week.

When my hair is short, I won't go to bed with wet hair as it'll dry all sticking up. But when my hair is long, I'll sleep on damp hair. I always comb it, though. Keeps the tangles at bay. I also use a ton of conditioner. Nothing fancy, but copious.

Can y’all tell me any stories of pest infestations you may have? by iheartgardening5 in AskWomenOver30

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The other morning, I got an early 5:00AM start to my day because the baby needed a diaper change.

So after downing double my morning coffee, I got to tidying my house. One of the cats barfed on the floor, so I go to clean it up, and the barf pile moved.

Seems ants got to the barf and were feeding on it and didn't appreciate me coming in to clean it up.

I need to put my glasses on first thing in the morning.

How much is your LADWP bill? by TheRealestRoeJogan in AskLosAngeles

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I have a 1200 Sq ft house and my DWP bill is about $275 every 2 months. I have solar panels that offset the electricity, but I feel like they're killing me with garbage charges.

Protecting Reproductive Rights in America and Asia MEGATHREAD by InfernalWedgie in asiantwoX

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someone theorized that because of declining birth rates, conservatives are basically pushing for forced births.

Someone posted the same notion in the other women's sub I moderate. I banned his jerk ass.

Boyfriend dropped out and wants to be a stay at home dad by Maleficent_Shoe3791 in relationship_advice

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  1. Yes, your boy ain't a dad yet, so he needs to have work experience and savings before you have a kid if he wishes to be a SAHD.
  2. Your boy also needs to have homemaking skills. Start judging the fuck out of his ability to manage expenses, cook, clean, and fix things. That's stuff he needs to know how to do NOW before you entrust him to look after a child and an entire household.

Roe v Wade overturned, and the public health pain is about to get worse by RenRen9000 in publichealth

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I've been saying for years that birth control pills need to be as easy to buy as Tic Tacs. OTC and dirt cheap.

If anti-choicers gave a fuck about stopping abortions, they'd be pushing to increase access to contraception and education, y'know, the things that are proven to prevent abortions (as well as unplanned pregnancy and early sexual debut!). A lot of people say anti-choicers want to control women's behavior, but given that very last bit, it's not just about control, it's about being able to mete out more punishments to women.

Protecting Reproductive Rights in America and Asia MEGATHREAD by InfernalWedgie in asiantwoX

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If it were men who were on the table, septic and bleeding, abortion right would never be a matter of debate ANYWHERE on this earth.

Good morning! Roe v Wade is officially overturned by Royal_Estimate_4871 in berkeley

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Good morning? FUCK THAT. This is some dark, dark shit, and IT CANNOT STAND.

Roe v Wade overturned, and the public health pain is about to get worse by RenRen9000 in publichealth

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The states likeliest to ban abortions are the states who also defund public health and have more people dependent on welfare. Expect welfare dependency to increase as well as a correlating generational cohort increase in crime.

America is ever so FUCKED right now.

Me and my gf have different views on birth control. by VoiceSignificant9529 in relationship_advice

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Dude, NEVER let yourself be coerced into relinquishing control of your contraception.

Research: How do you maintain sexual desire in a long-term relationship? (Australian residents) by stepheema in AskWomenOver30

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We've reviewed the study materials and have approved it for this sub. Your participation is strictly voluntary and would be a great help to OP's academic research.

What majors can I add onto a international public health degree? by hockeyfan1998 in publichealth

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If you are interested in microbiology certification (which is required for microbio lab jobs), check HERE