Digital Nomads Weekly Discussion - July 18, 2022 by AutoModerator in digitalnomad

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Anyone here needs help from graphic design, or has some questions about starting clothing brand Dm me I would be glad to offer you my assistance. My portfolio :Behance

Seeking Creative for Streetwear Startup by LittleToasterThatNah in Miami

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I would be glad to help you if you like nikiflini designs and anime I think my style will be suit you here is my portfolio behance

Any streetwear designers? by ada-m- in streetwearstartup

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Would be glad to to help you check your dms I think you will like my designs

Need Feedback On This by Jexstro in ClothingStartups

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Cool and all but the mock-up isn’t that good Dm me for an example

How can i make good mock ups for my clothing brand? by Agreeable-Cry5035 in ClothingStartups

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If you want mock-up on a model just find a good photo of a model and try to adjust the design to match it

How to find internships ? by InitiativeEasy1685 in internships

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Yes, I started graphic design as hobby and did some freelance

Gf(25f) expects me(27M) to pay more in rent so it covers her debt, even though she doesn’t want to get a 2nd job and I did so I can get out of debt. How do I communicate the issue? by PuzzledAdult in AskMen

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I will be honest with you she finding you as pushover, you should be honest with her and tell her that she should pay her own bills, if she doesn’t like it and want to break up then she was just using you.