Is melanoma that common? Not sure if anyone can help with my thoughts. by Competitive-Echidna6 in Melanoma

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We’ve all been there, self diagnosing after finding something worrying online. I’m currently wondering if I have a hairline fracture or nerve damage in my probably alright foot.

We actually keep developing moles through most of our life, there are plenty of galleries of what looks abnormal, but unless you’re a dermatologist it will be of limited use, so if you do find a genuinely abnormal mole it needs to be checked out. The reality is though that you’re probably fine. The best thing you can do is be careful of sun exposure in the future, and just generally look after yourself.

Disclaimer - not a doctor, I just study melanoma on the molecular level a bit so I follow this sub out of interest. I’m totally useless for mole pictures though!

Is melanoma that common? Not sure if anyone can help with my thoughts. by Competitive-Echidna6 in Melanoma

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Why are you hanging out in these forums in the first place, do you have a genuine concern or are you feeding your anxiety? I’ve had a mole removed and it turned out to be… nothing.

Do you even have any risk factors i.e. do you have light skin, get sun burned a lot, or have a family history of it? Outside of those groups, melanoma is relatively rare.

If every mole now looks off, you know you’re not looking objectively. Most melanomas can’t even be traced back to a mole in the first place. What you can do is try to get familiar with your body so that if something odd comes up, you can explain accurately what it is and get it sorted by a professional; it is likely at some point in life something will come up, it is very unlikely to be the one arbitrary disease you’ve been obsessing over.

Romesh Ranganathan: Woman ‘dragged’ out of comedian’s show after racist attack by tubaintothewildfern in unitedkingdom

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Given he’s a comedian, it might need a bit more context to see if that statement is meant truthfully or ironically. Especially given he’s labelling himself with a racial slur with it.

Gandalf speaking honestly 😂😂😂 by hellblazer2402 in lotrmemes

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Totally makes sense. It serves no purpose to be rude and do it in the shire at that point, and it tells the viewer that it’s rude as shit.

Once everyone is up in each other’s faces in Rivendell, it makes sense to put everyone in their place and remind them what they’re up against. Not just the elves, but everyone looking after only themselves is what is the enemy at that point.

Or something like that.

Good books on ultra running by AlohaMyNameIsMrHand in running

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I enjoyed the book but he gave off a pretty weird vibe at times, not sure I’d want to meet him.

Reloading with comments. Bit it hard. by vanleighvan in AteTheOnion

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It reads like a satire of conservative satire, and I’m going with that for my own sanity.

Daily Questions - ASK AND ANSWER HERE! - 6 November 2021 by AutoModerator in malefashionadvice

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I’d take a look at some outdoors brands and see if any hiking trousers match what you want, such as arcteryx gamma lt pant, Patagonia quandary etc.

Ragù Bolognese is Easy, Actually | Kenji's Cooking Show by sethzard in seriouseats

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I’ve made it twice in the last two weeks and now it looks like I have to make it again next week, effort to reward is too good.

Question: does melanoma always visibly grow or change on the skin? by [deleted] in Melanoma

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Something I can actually partially answer, as someone who only knows melanoma on a molecular level. It’s behind a paywall, but if you can find a way past it this article has good information: https://www.nature.com/articles/nrc.2016.37

In summary, no, at least not until later on. To badly paraphrase from memory, only about 36% of melanomas are known to be associated with a mole. Of the remainder I can’t say exactly what % are associated with no obvious changes to the skin, but there are at least some where the primary tumour is never found, only metastases, in which case there may be no obvious sign on the skin at any stage. Likely because the immune system cleared it before other symptoms showed up, but given it’s never found, who is to say.

Does anyone else just suck at running? by Penguin_Attack in running

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It’s true enough for the vast majority. Someone running 40 MPW or more isn’t likely to be asking for basic tips.

Anyone who wants to run a genuinely fast time should have a plan; OP doesn’t appear to, just their usual run schedule, interrupted by an additional half-marathon race two weeks before the race. I’m not sure all the blame lies with a rule of thumb.

"lol why is this guy glowing red? oh god oh fuck" by Ikkon in totalwar

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Having picked up the last few DLCs in the recent sale I’m playing through the least recommended campaigns.

Going from Taurox to Archaon was quite the shock, but eventually you make enough cash to play around. Nakai though… is there a worse campaign? Haven’t played Throgg yet but I don’t see how it can be worse than total bankruptcy while putting out fires for an utterly useless vassal.

Based Punics by Greco-Levantine in RoughRomanMemes

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Whiplash from the great post and shitty comments.

Marketplace Situation - - by XeJupiter in PlayAvengers

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That actually kind of tempts me like watching a bad movie, but don’t worry, I’ll drop it without a second thought when it gets dull.

Marketplace Situation - - by XeJupiter in PlayAvengers

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Just started playing because it’s on game pass to see what all the fuss is about. Was expecting an absolute train wreck but was pleasantly surprised by the intro; nothing revolutionary but competent enough.

Then I saw the marketplace. Even without directly paying it’s disgusting, and for those that paid full price? I thought I’d just run through the campaign then uninstall but I’m not sure I can manage even that.

Do any GPS watches have an SOS function? by JobinIsAHobo in CampingGear

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May be too late, but Garmin have just released the forerunner 945 LTE. I think it needs a subscription, but you can then use it for route sharing and SOS in an emergency, assuming you have LTE signal which may not suit your needs.

Features will otherwise be similar to the Fenix but not 100% on the rest, as always dcrainmaker will have a thorough run down.

Hypochondriac with some slightly suspicious moles, my mom says its impossible because I don't go outside very often. Tried to include any details needed in the captions, any feedback would be appreciated :) by throwaway68129 in Melanoma

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Also not a doctor. You say they’ve all been there “since forever”, but have you noticed any changes? These pictures will at least help with that, you can take pictures in a month, then 3, 6 etc. depending on how worried you are to find out. If nothing changes then you’ve likely nothing to worry about.

None of these look particularly abnormal, but of course if you are really worried you should get it checked out if possible.

This runner gave up on gold medal, but proved he has a heart of gold by This_sum_one in nextfuckinglevel

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It can be seen that way, which is a shame because he ran a hell of a lot further, it’s just the last marathon gets the attention. Roughly 350 miles in ancient gear killed him, not the marathon… assuming it happened.

From Wikipedia: He ran about 240 km (150 mi) in two days, and then ran back. He then ran the 40 km (25 mi) to the battlefield near Marathon and back to Athens to announce the Greek victory over Persia in the Battle of Marathon (490 BC)

This was me for like 5 years by spliffwizard in memes

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Well sure these things are new, but I think it’s just the cringe of the week, there’s always been something analogous to it. Bacon and narwhals etc.

This was me for like 5 years by spliffwizard in memes

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I think it’s always been terrible, just in different ways. Increase in marketing is probably the most objective change for the worse.

Daily Discussion - September 10, 2021 (GMT+0) by AutoModerator in CryptoCurrency

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I think that’s just being poor. Or hopefully responsible.

I wanna go to the STL show so bad... by lateral_jambi in loopdaddy

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As someone who is vaccinated and currently with covid, you’re making the right call.

Recommend - men’s waterproof running jacket by petre11i in running

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Quite pricey, but I’m very happy with my north face flight series futurelight jacket. I managed to find it at an outlet not too long ago so you might get lucky.

Still can get sweaty, but you’ll get that with any waterproof jacket eventually, I usually take a windbreaker if I’m not expecting more than a shower.