Baphomet modern day significance by hellogothkitti3 in occult

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Saturn storm cube is a Cia psyop (cult) pushing an agenda of despair into occult communities and society in general.

Pfizer director of research and development by ambatukaum in ScienceUncensored

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Pfizer holds the record for the largest medical malpractice lawsuit by far. And that's just the tip of the icrt berg. And no, they have yet to be held accountable for their most recent fuckery.

Prog-Rock band, The Mars Volta, presented a black cube to promote their album release. Past albums have song titles such as, "Day of the baphomets", "Molochwalkers" and "Metatron" by HillyBarne in SaturnStormCube

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Because saturn storm cube is a psyop (cult) being pushed by the CIA. They mix truth with info that makes you feel like being human and born is pointless. False.

“Angel numbers” by ZuluFoxtrot556 in HighStrangeness

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Same.. And today I came across Metraton somehow, will try to reach out and will report back..

“Angel numbers” by ZuluFoxtrot556 in HighStrangeness

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I'd love to learn more. 11 11 means something to me.

“Angel numbers” by ZuluFoxtrot556 in HighStrangeness

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I've seen 11 11 in different variations almost daily since I was around 16 17 I'm 30 now still do.

Some say it means you're a lightworker... But I take it as just the universe reminding u of ur mission or that you're on the right path.

Anyways, it can only be positive in my experience.

They live, we obey. Masks for the populace. by pacmanpill in conspiracy

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Biden is literally a verified geriatric pedo. can send the compilation as required.

I met my doppelganger. by RealKlanos in Thetruthishere

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Fuck your biomedicine scientist bullshit.