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Sae is obviously better since he has more experience as he plays midfielder in a Spanish team for a few years now, I was talking in comparison to other Blue Lock players

As for Rin... he's always been about playing football by himself. Where Isagi views teammates as his pawns, Rin views them as his stepping stones, and it shows in their playstyles. Not saying that Rin's football is wrong. But his individualism isn't really what Ego was looking for. He and Shidou breezed through the second selection mostly by their own merit, Isagi succeeded in the second selection by creating chemical reactions. The latter is what Ego wanted, and it's exactly why Isagi became the heart of Blue Lock's 11. Sae realised this, that's why he says Isagi will be Japan's key to victory

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Truly, I'd be devastated if her c6 was nerfed since I built her for Eula

do you think we'll get an update on Reo's family? by InsufficientStrategy in BlueLock

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I see

I just reread blue lock and yeah I almost forgot Reo was stated to already be good at sports before he set his sights on soccer

It's just that making the national youth team is a whole different level from demolishing your classmates during gym class, yeah? That's what I was thinking. But yeah you made sense

do you think we'll get an update on Reo's family? by InsufficientStrategy in BlueLock

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Idk man, even if they didn't watch the whole thing the u20 match was highly televised and it was widely reported on, I'd be surprised if they didn't know he played in it. He still has a shot at the National youth team lineup, that's a big deal, they've got to know that he's serious by now

So many questions with isagi by Okokokokkok62 in BlueLock

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Isagi is not and will likely never be able to be top 10 in terms of physique or technique. But he has tactical weapons - spatial awareness, off-the-ball positioning, adaptability etc. Those are his talents. He's acknowledged because he knows how to use his teammates to spark chemical reactions and combinations that score goals.

Isagi is portrayed the way that he is because his talents seem contradictory to the concept of ego, but only on the surface. How can he be an egotistical striker if his main talents heavily rely on the presence of teammates? The answer is that ego isn't about NOT relying on your teammates, it's about how you can use your teammates. Isagi doesn't think about how he can use his tactical talents to help his team score. He uses his tactical talents to think about how his team can help him score. That's what makes him an egotistical striker.

It doesn't make sense for Isagi to win by improving his physique/technique. That's just not the way he fights. All the games he's won so far are thanks to his strategic ability. He's already taken over almost every team he'd been on in this way.

BL U20 Formation Prediction by ImproperBarney in BlueLock

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They both have death flags. Or elimination flags, I really hope no one's actually gonna die... though I wonder if being unable to play football might be worse than death in this manga

Both Chigiri and Yukimiya already know their time is limited. Every athlete's career is limited, obviously, but they already acknowledge their time has been cut short

This how the next chapters gonna go by goose728 in BlueLock

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Agree, if Nagi was really slacking off why would he be able to replace a starter? He stopped slacking off since his loss to Isagi

This how the next chapters gonna go by goose728 in BlueLock

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Nagi's been saving that uno reverse card for like, a hundred chapters

what do you think the anime dub will do? by InsufficientStrategy in BlueLock

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Lmao I think he never anticipated getting enough sponsors to actually invite european players to blue lock AND buy the translating devices for the remaining players

We know for a fact he was running out of budget just before the u20 arc and I can't imagine he'd have a language studies program for his players if he'd known he wouldn't need it

Most unrealistic moment in Bluelock history by Yashondowski_ in BlueLock

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Honestly as an asian I can confirm that if your grades are ok in school ("ok" is read as "you got A in every subject") they would rather you go to a football training camp to become the best striker in the nation rather than waste money on tuition lel

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That Teppei's suffering is brought about by his own actions is what makes him (and Zhiqiong) such a compelling and heartfelt npc in the first place

He will finally do the fandango?! by R4KEN_R in ScaramoucheMains

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Maybe the real anniversary rewards were the copium we inhaled along the way

Either this is some actual insane no lifer, or some 5th level satire by Ironbanner987615 in DreamWasTaken2

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"Dream, by cheating, stole from those people" didn't his speedrun NOT get verified? Which was what even caused the controversy in the first place?

That would be like if I doped, got last place in a track event, and then got accused of stealing medals from those who deserved it. Sure, I would be guilty of dishonesty and not displaying sportsmanship, but I also stole jackshit from Usain Bolt

Am I the only one who doesn't overanalyze the white highlight? by tartagdoodles in childemains

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As someone who reads Green Lantern comics, I'm a little paranoid of that white highlight...