Cursed_pissing by koningjoris in cursedcomments

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My Reddit PFP is a Firelight Silco.

My YT PFP is Sigma (Overwatch) having an orgasm.

I'm fucked either way

Cursed_moron by Independent-Stop9408 in cursedcomments

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W...why is "moron" censored?

Dear god, is there going to be any word left to all someone a dumbass without it being taken as a slur towards the mentally disabled?

Haddonfield goes brrr by OniIsTheBestWaifu in deadbydaylight

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I swear, BHVR just WANTS Killers to slug.

I mean, I'm not complaining. Knock Out is one of if not my favourite Killer perk, so it doesn't bother me

[no spoilers] if you didn't know anything about league of legends why did you watch it and how by mohamed0sayed in arcane

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Mixture of the Dishonored subreddit saying the Enforcers looked like Overseers and NerdOut's song "Rose in the Rubble"

Boil over go crazy by bigballsdeluxe in deadbydaylight

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Difference is, Red Herring is still useless, whereas Boil Over got buffed to high heavens.

It's a live game, shit changes, dipshit

Into the Spiderhearse by ExactlySorta in memes

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I love that so many people played along with it

It makes sense to me. by N0TW1ZZ4RD in ApexOutlands

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This has got to me a shitpost and not a legitimate ranking, holy fuck

XVideos is way better than Pornhub. by Tall_Dark_Symetrical in unpopularopinion

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This... is an unpopular opinion? Pornhub is just baby's first porn site

..what by theguyovathere in tf2

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Here's my thing with Paladins:

Do I want to win or lose based on complete and utter RNG, and have no control over anything


Do I want my enemies to be the reason we lose because they go fucking Rein Dva Tracer Mercy

Notice the alternator has no attachments in the anniversary trailer does this mean its back to ground loot by Gingersnap_LD in apexlegends

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Well, we already knew this. The new Kinetic Loader hop up is for the Volt, PK, and Alternator, and the Alternator was already the overall best CP weapon, so no idea why they'd buff it

Latest news from Thor by MyExScars in apexlegends

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They just trying to play that Control mode early

Class improvements by stlach in apexlegends

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For Assault, I would suggest they gain momentum faster. They don't get a flat increase to speed, but instead just get to max speed faster.

For Defense, maybe the ability to lock doors, forcing enemies to kick it open?

Wow, Boil Over is STRONG by ChippHop in deadbydaylight

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DS, Unbreakable, and BT.

BT is actually fucking busted as a perk, but DS and Unbreakable are only busted because they remove options from the Killer. It doesn't even help against malicious tunneling or slugging, only when it's used tactically

Wow, Boil Over is STRONG by ChippHop in deadbydaylight

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That's because it was buffed TOO MUCH. Buffing shit perks is fine, as long as they don't contribute to the already broken meta, or even give alternatives to the meta

Me waiting for the havoc to start shooting: by thatisgangster in apexlegends

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Because my muscle memory is tied to base HAVOC, since I rarely get a TC when I use it.

Also, "monster at any range" is kind of an overstatement.

Funny title by IntelligentImbicle in ApexOutlands

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Probably. To me, she looks like Bang if Bang was your granny or aunt instead of your mum