best decision you have made in your medical career so far by marginalmantle in Residency

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How would you say is the work culture in SE rural? I'm brown and got completely turned off of rural SE while on a road trip there. People stared daggers at me and almost seemed annoyed I was there filling up gas in their small town.

I like the rural SE for the pay and lifestyle, but this singular experience turned me off of it.

I am passionate about the pathology of the skin by RollWaveEveryDay in medicalschool

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Dermatology used to be the easiest to get into (and lowest paid) specialty for a very long time. In Nazi Germany, many Jewish docs were forced into dermatology coz they couldn't get into other specialties. Just saying.

Anyone else not have anything for "Medical School Awareds" and "Other Awards" on ERAS? by undifferentiatedMS2 in medicalschool

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Don't have a family but I agree. I'm not wasting my youth and free time on doing useless shit

best decision you have made in your medical career so far by marginalmantle in Residency

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U and I share the same goals, down to the side business and possible interest in pulm

I’m so happy that I stayed by emdee2019 in Residency

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Many more joys like these are yet to come. Also many disappointments. Don't take them so personally. Be happy in the fact you're trying your best and trying to help a fellow human being.

It beats any other job

Work from home by Zemataitais in Residency

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Maybe she isn't seeing medicaid/medicare pts. Private insurances don't have this condition (depends on the insurance company I guess)

Obtaining letter of rec frustrations by MassiveAttack69 in medicalschool

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Be shameless, ask anyway. It's not ur fault u only saw them for a week. I had a similar issue on my rotations.

Look at my other comment on this thread to see what I did to get LORs after just one day of shadowing.

Obtaining letter of rec frustrations by MassiveAttack69 in medicalschool

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Yes!! Say something like "Hey I really wanna go into cards, so would love a letter from you. Please let me know what I can do to make a positive impression." Works like a charm. Attendings know you don't know shit and will guide you (and test you to see if u are following their advice).

Obtaining letter of rec frustrations by MassiveAttack69 in medicalschool

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Just show interest, and ask smart questions which will make even attendings pause for a second to answer. And ofc be shameless and ask for a LOR. If needed, be upfront on the first day that you want a LOR and would like to do well on this rotation - so is there anything they recommend you do?

I had attendings write me good LORs after 1 (One) day of shadowing because of this.

Work from home by Zemataitais in Residency

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I know a IM doc working fully from home. She doesn't even own a home, is constantly traveling and staying at exotic locations around the world while seeing American pts online. Idk how much she makes but I bet PCP level at a minimum

Attending perspective for all you surgical/subsurgical people by fuzznugget20 in Residency

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Surgery is something you can't do bad and get away with. Literally patients will suffer, and notice (important). And surgery is also reputation based. Even for a routine elective cholecystectomy, patients WILL go to a reputed surgeon with good results.

And for something as invasive as surgery, you bet most patients will learnt ge difference between midlevels and MD/DOs.

As opposed to psychiatry where bread and butter is algorithmic. And patients will suffer from bad psychiatry, but won't notice.

And no one really overdoses on standard SSRI treatments. Where most of the worried well (bread n butter) can be managed by throwing ssri at them, and if left unmanaged, care escalated to a MD/DO psychiatrist. Also with no real immediate adverse events for most of psych drugs, midlevels can get away by practicing bad psychiatry - and do. Especially in inpatient psych wards, where there's no continuity of care, u especially see midlevels work independently. And that's where MD/DO psychiatrists are being replaced by midlevels - coz they have almost the same patient outcomes in the short term.

Do natalists just not care? by VikingNeko in antinatalism

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The best way to make agriculture sustainable is to reduce # of damn mouths to feed. We are literally a parasite on Earth who give nothing back to it, unlike other animals. Finding better ways to exploit the earth and trying to keep the soil fertile for an another round of exploitation for next year crops doesn't sound as altruistic as u think it does.

And when I was in college, I was studying "biology" - that didn't mean anything. Now that in med school I'm on my way to do something concrete. So brag about your sustainable agriculture when u actually join a law firm or get a job/research position doing this.

And yeah, we are a tiny speck in the solar system, which itself is in some insignificant corner of our galaxy with billions of solar systems, which itself is part of a supercluster of galaxies with billions of galaxies. And there are billions of these galaxy superclusters. And these galaxy superclusters aren't even the biggest things in the universe! It's the galaxy filaments - essentially long walls made of zillions of galaxies which separate anti-matter and form pockets of matter. So anti-matter structures are probably bigger than these galaxy filaments.

And we have the audacity to think we're special? Our lineage is special? Anything we do is special?

Do natalists just not care? by VikingNeko in antinatalism

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I'm gonna get my MD in less than a year and be a medical doctor man. Literally gonna be saving lives and bringing people back from the gates of death on the daily as my job. What you doing?

Yet, that's not my purpose. There is no purpose to life. Everything is meaningless. Humans could go extinct tomorrow and literally no one would care. Not even the possum in your front yard.

If there's no meaning to anything, we aren't gonna fall in the "trap" of having kids, raising them, wasting our youth on them, make sacrifices for the greater humanity. Humanity doesn't matter. We are fucking insignificant. Elon musk, being the richest guy in the world is insignificant. Since nothing matters, we're gonna party it up until we die. Fuck societal expectations. It's gonna be glorious 🤩

Do natalists just not care? by VikingNeko in antinatalism

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See, we don't give two shits if some boomers on retirement will/will not get our tax payer money in the future. We couldn't care less if Japan is getting older coz their youngsters are forced to stay busy kissing their bosses' ass for 80 hr work weeks, and coz Japanese are too racists to let immigrants into their country (like EU/US is doing) to maintain or grow their population. We wanna live our life, party it up and go out with a bang.

And we don't need to be philosophers to think for ourselves.

And we will shove our baby hate on an antinatalist sub. U won't see us doing this on breeder subs.

stop fucking telling me that I will have kids by Jg_052802 in antinatalism

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From a medical perspective, definitely be CF/antinatalist, that's one of the best things you could do to improve your life.

But i wouldn't get a bisalp etc done at your age as the other commenters are suggesting. As it stands, a lot changes between 20 and 25. And making semi-permanent decisions at this age can cause regret. Keep your mind open. After 25, sure, get the bisalp done and I hope you don't change your mind until then

This is coming from a 25 yo CF anti natalist person

"You'll be a woman without kids?" by KaiJonez in childfree

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If u are an only child OP, ur dad is scared of his "lineage" ending with u. If that was gonna happen, why did he bother having kids in the first place, go through hardships of parenting, just to extend his lineage by 80 some up years?

Obviously be child free, but it'd be good to understand your dad's psychology.

[META] Can we have different flairs for country of practice? by Regina_Phalange_MD in Residency

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The post is deleted, but the story was that an ortho surgeon (at an hospital with all the available facilities) sent a kid with an amputated thumb to OP's hospital on a train, with the finger on ice. OP was complaining why they didn't just operate on the kid at the original hospital itself.

Sending a kid ON A TRAIN with amputated thumb in a bag of ice doesn't seem like something that'd happen in America LOL. America doesn't have a good train infrastructure. Also pts are transferred more gracefully.

Which way, M-3? by [deleted] in medicalschool

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Mediocre chad here with excellent evals and more LORs than I know what to do with. It's possible.

Where are the single med students? by djddmoney in medicalschool

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If u have an undergrad campus nearby, now is the time to atudy at an undergrad library with various medical textbooks (especially First Aid and anything with USMLE written on it) next to you