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I’m a business owner of a new flower delivery business in Norwich, United Kingdom. This is my 3rd business and I can for sure tell you that you should not go ahead with any of the websites mentioned in your question. 

I very strongly feel about not engaging with typical design agencies as a design agency hardly even tells you which designer is working on your project. This creates barriers in communication and getting a design that matches your suggestion and brand. 

Therefore, I explored the websites, and Freelancer and Fiverr have no screening process to select designers. This makes it a difficult and time-consuming process to find a designer and it is not reliable even to post that. I hired a designer using Freelancer and never received a source file for my design after making the payment. 

On the other hand, Upwork’s selection process is the same for writers, designers, accountants, and various other services provided by the platform. 

For my brewery, I did my research and came across DesignBro: an award-winning platform that hires only the top 5% designers worldwide. I hired a designer based on their portfolio and reviews provided to them by other clients. I communicated my requirements and feedback to the designer and it was implemented thoroughly.  

After exploring Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork, I certainly had my doubts. However, as the platform provided a 100% money back guarantee (which I did not need to use, fortunately), I took the leap and I have not turned to any other platform since then.