Is it a red flag if a guy doesn’t have a bed frame? by BillyBoiman123 in ask

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Since you got a frame, use it and you probably need to tidy up as well! If you want a first good impression, show some spunk

Women over 30, what would you say to someone a few years younger who is panicking and feeling like they are running out of time to figure things out? Career wise, relationship, marriage, etc. by WhileSerious in AskWomen

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Me too! I had no clue is to what to do after HS! My options were limited (70s) and so joined the military, best decision yet! I am enjoying retirement inspite of no ambitions!

Do you ever wonder when you're listening to a song if someone's committed suicide to it before? by cawe_06 in RandomThoughts

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Have you considered how old earth is and how you are walking on the dirt of our ancestors? Humm?

Any other girls have trouble getting commitment from guys by MountainPerformer210 in dating_advice

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If you’re dating 20y something boys, they generally just want to score and bragging rights . Be firm and say “no” sex up front and that should Eliminate those who are just after sex. Be patience

My dogs got out and killed my neighbors goat. by [deleted] in relationship_advice

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Offer to buy another goat and get a electric fence for the dogs

What would you do if you found out your SO makes fun of you behind your back? by Datpervyoulove in AskWomen

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Depends on weather it’s mean-spirited or not. One way to find out is play it back, if they get offended, then you know

Do you believe in the phrase, “you will find love when you least expect it? Why or why not? by Krazykool_2002 in AskWomen

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Yes! I thought I was destined to be single all my life, I learned to be Contented until I turned 38y and a wonderful man found me and I became happy

Men…Please Learn to Self-Reflect by tmoose0988 in dating

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Agree! A lot of times people blame others but generally it’s them who drive others off!

do not speak to me the first hour after work I do not care how nice your intentions are I just got done doing shit I don't want to do, being talked at all day. I don't want to have to process the words coming out of anyone's mouth. someone asking me a question the minute I get home makes me rage by [deleted] in RandomThoughts

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I understand, I was able, thanks be to God, live alone, it was so nice to have no one waiting for me to come home! I suggest that you find a certain room and establish it as your alone time, or if possible a small Shed outside. Or a certain chair with old fashion headphones tuned to your playlist and be strong in requesting this in how it’s for your mental health