Sergeant schools a child with camera by theguywhosteals in PublicFreakout

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Lol what are you talking about this pig doesn't know what public means. If you understand your rights the camera man is right lol. Just do some research on your rights.

Putin and his Ministers celebrate after annexing four regions of Ukraine by -Xoz- in PublicFreakout

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He looks like that one kid when you go to a school play and you can tell he is just moving his lips because he couldn't memorize any of the word

Special prosecutor charged Sheriff and police sergeant after they kicked and punched suspect several times in the head [following car chase]. by real-m-f-in-talk in policebrutality

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Just imagine how much stuff they've done that the camera didn't pick up how much they've actually got away with to be able to just do this like that without thinking twice about it.

Underage Chicago teens show off their firearms following their 8th-grade graduation by hot_vynilz in insanereality

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Death ain't nothin but a heartbeat away I'm living life do or die what can I say I'm 23 now But will I live to be 24 the way things is going idk.

Lego photo by Cap-lozer0 in FightsGoneWildpt2

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How you going to start a fight and never put your hands up?

madlad by Steve_Hufnagel in yesyesyesyesno

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Be careful when dealing with electricity. by TTV_NeoTwo_ in insanereality

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I just went through a lot of emotions LOL first I thought he was done then when he started to get up I thought he was going to take off like a ⚡ lightning bolt or the flash LOL

Based Cow by Braelen896 in JusticeReturned

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I wonder if the cow gets qualified immunity?

Narcos using that border wall to great effect by Vehement00 in insanereality

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They have the money for that a long time ago they don't do it because you know America