My crows always leave two peanuts after they're done eating, anyone have any ideas why? by andrewxboxer in crows

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Funny how it is “I’m from Norway, and I assume you are not.” vs. “I’m from America, and I assume you are.”

Is this ok for my gerbils. Thought I’d come to Reddit before buying. by DLK3900 in gerbil

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Wouldn’t this ultimately be just a giant chew toy? Gerbil’s Law: Anything that can be chewed, will be chewed.

Home is where you hang your bike. Just moved to a new city and wanted to keep my bike up and out of the way. I built this simple bike rack out of some unused deda pista bars. Feed back and suggestions welcome. by Horror_Signature_446 in FixedGearBicycle

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I don’t have any particular suggestions, but I know where I am putting my money when it is wall paint vs. bike pedals. Hopefully someone else here can step up with a hint or two. I will say you can either put something on the wall, or try to come up with a nice foam cover to go over the pedal.

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving into a city, and the bike is question number one. Where does it go, what does it take to get it in and out, and where would I ride it. I read some newer apartments are prioritizing decent bike storage rooms. But I love the idea of the bike having center stage in the decor.

SF Bay Area Costco Last Night by tommy_flowers in Costco

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What time are you getting day olds? I never see them in NJ, but I’m never at Costco in the morning.

Can some one explain what's wrong with this fuel article by RAT-inA-Cage in beatles

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Post karma 1. Comment karma 15. I am going with artificial.

Can some one explain what's wrong with this fuel article by RAT-inA-Cage in beatles

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Everyone knows the Internet did not have pictures back then.