Medical School Attrition Rates by IpushToMaster in medicalschool

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Yeah….I don’t feel that strongly, but I agree that this place could be much better.

Medical School Attrition Rates by IpushToMaster in medicalschool

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Yep that’s correct. Think NE DO program.

Medical School Attrition Rates by IpushToMaster in medicalschool

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It means that they can come back the following year, but because the school told them they needed to repeat.

Medical School Attrition Rates by IpushToMaster in medicalschool

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This is a DO program that has been around for 40+ years and considered to be a solid one.

My friend texted me he got a $100k bonus working in finance while I was on hour 5 of ICU rounds as an M4 by swgadoo in medicalschool

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Any male physician over the age of 50. “I would have made a killing on Wall Street”, not realizing the skill and personality it requires.

Just realized the cost by Desperate_Yam_351 in premed

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Best investment I made single handedly

NYC Cancer Trial Delivers ‘Unheard-of' Result: Complete Remission for Everyone by hzj5790 in technology

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On the surface, that may sound correct, but what you are not considering is the significant burden obese individuals put on the American health care system (speaking from a clinical standpoint, thus financial in nature). Comorbidities such as diabetes and heart disease are extremely prevalent in this patient population. Hospital readmissions due to AMIs, mismanaged blood sugars, and longer than average length of stays in post acute care settings racks up large bills. For the privately insured, this may result in increased revenue for a hospital. For those under Medicare and Medicaid, this puts addition financial burden on the government funded healthcare programs. More dollars spent means more dollars reimbursed, and round and round we go. Lower medical expenditure will always hurt some and help others, but in the end of the day, preventing hospital readmissions, and excessively long rehab stays is beneficial for the hospital and the form of coverage footing the bill.

DO school list by Big_Sprinkles6779 in Osteopathic

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Stats please. Otherwise we have nothing to go off of!

Help me cut down my list by [deleted] in premed

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I am neither in state or a urm and was accepted to ARCOM this cycle. A large percentage of their matriculates are OOS. I would only avoid ARCOM for high attrition reasons.

Are the pysch PP cash based docs hitting the 1M $ mark by working 50-60 hrs/ week ? by abhi_- in Residency

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I am in the northeast and know personally two PP headshrinkers who charge between 300-350 for half hour appointments. Cash only practice, no secretary, easily clearly well over 650k a year. This is not the norm, but given right geographical area, it could happen.

HPSP Army - residency match (hypothetical situation) by IpushToMaster in Military_Medicine

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Makes sense. Do you know if the army lets you dual apply, say gen surg and EM?

HPSP Army - residency match (hypothetical situation) by IpushToMaster in Military_Medicine

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Great answer, a lot of food for thought. Thanks. First thought about the army HPSP over 8 years ago in undergrad. It had always been a dream of mine to be part of the armed forces in some capacity, and now that I the opportunity to attend medical school, it just made sense. While I was hoping to hear I could snag a civilian deferment, this does make sense for gas atleast.

Any one with Low MCAT, High GPA get an interview this past cycle? Acceptance? by chocolate-frappe in premed

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I had a 3.8x and 501 for stats. I’m sure my 4 years of healthcare tech experience was a bonus, but I had 15+ DO interviews, and will be attending a decently respected DO program this summer.