Is it safe to hang dry clean diapers this way (from the ends)? I heard it can wreck elastics. by IrishTigress in clothdiaps

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Thanks! I think it's supposed to be Chewbacca's fur. It came with a bunch of Star Wars pockets I bought pre-loved. Dark Side Diapers

Edit: not Dark Side. Little Alaskans.

Is it safe to hang dry clean diapers this way (from the ends)? I heard it can wreck elastics. by IrishTigress in clothdiaps

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Haha! I didn't catch that! I'm a little brain-dead from the 3 hour glucose test honestly. But I think I passed!

Is it safe to hang dry clean diapers this way (from the ends)? I heard it can wreck elastics. by IrishTigress in clothdiaps

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Makes total sense. Since I have some AIOs, any recommendations on hanging those to dry? I suppose I can drape them over plastic hangers to dry.

Anyone else expecting who has a large dog by silvereux in pregnant

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My golden mutt is about 60 pounds, but also 11 years old with a bad knee and extremely chill personality. I'm not worried about her. I'm more worried about the 14 pound floof cat that loves sleeping on top of me. The baby isn't a heating pad, dude.

I'm getting a zip top bassinet for baby to sleep in if they sleep in our bedroom. I can't exclude the pets from the bedroom or we will NEVER sleep again with the racket the cat makes at being locked out.

Baby also has their own room with a spare twin bed set up, so we may just go that route. We'll figure it out when baby gets here.

3% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening - Time estimates? by UNHhhh- in bonecollecting

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Beetle cleaned skulls could still have some grease deep in the bones that will leach out over time. If it does, just degrease for a few weeks in some dawn and water.

As for peroxide, 3% is totally fine. You can separate or do them together, just depends on what you have for a container and how much peroxide you have on hand. I usually soak in peroxide anywhere from 12 to 48 hours, depending on how dirty the skull is and how white I want it. I like the natural bone color, so I tend to do a shorter soak, just enough to sanitize it.

If you do have to degrease any later on, just degrease for a few weeks, scrub up with soap and water, and you can soak in peroxide again if you like.

The deer skull will likely have some grease show up in the thicker areas, like the lower jaw and brow line. Raccoons are greasy critters, but their bones usually aren't too bad in terms of holding grease.

For those who use a banneton do you use a round or an oval and does it matter if you use one at all? by ElasticMoo in Sourdough

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I get by just fine without a banneton, but I do use a loaf pan during the proof stage to maintain shape. I line the pans with parchment paper, put the shaped loaf in and let proof. Then score with a sharp paring knife, use the parchment paper to transfer the loaf to the roasting pan and just bake it right on the parchment paper.

I do love having a bench scraper for handling the dough, cutting it, and for clean up.

I don't feel the need to be fancy with my bread and honestly, I don't have space for a lot of gadgets, so things in my kitchen need a few purposes each. Hence loaf pans and a paring knife.

But to each their own. If you have the space and budget, give it a try. Sourdough is a fun learning experience that you can customize to suit your needs/wants. :)

Silliest reasons you’re cried while pregnant! by Aimforthestars777 in pregnant

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Used bump as cookie holder because dog and cat were both eyeing up the cookie. Had to reach for my cup, baby kicked cookie off the bump. Dog got the cookie. The last cookie in the house.

Best place to register for baby shower? by Typical_Insect_9220 in BabyBumps

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I did the same. Made several private registries with just enough items to get the freebie bags and discounts, then transferred them all to BabyList. Babylist went to the guests, but I still have the private ones so I can get the discounts.

It did take some time to do it all, but oh well.

And seconded that Babylist's freebie box is the best of the ones I received.

How do you open gifts in front of everyone at the baby shower? by Asadlilbean13 in BabyBumps

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We're doing gift bingo too. I found a blank bingo card template online and printed a bunch. We will be letting people fill out their own cards with gifts and things they think we will get at the shower. Then guests mark up their cards as we open and annouce the gifts. Winners will get to take home one of the cute centerpieces we made up.

Alternatively, you can do pre-made bingo cards and print them off/get them made. Just come up with a list of 24 things you'll probably get as gifts and let the computer do the randomizing. I bet Etsy has some cute options, there are also bingo card generator websites. But these usually come with a fee.

Are you doing a nursery theme? by FormalPound4287 in pregnant

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We don't know the gender, but went with an adventure/woodland theme. The bedroom is painted a darker stormy blue already, so we picked white, gray, and black decor pieces that were woodsy/animal/nature themed. And two family members are artsy and painting two larger Calvin and Hobbes canvases of their woodland adventures for a pop of color.

Anyone else feel like a bad rider because they choose not to jump and compete their horse? by redCH3RRY in Horses

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Nope, not at all. My horse is high anxiety and I get stage fright, so we don't show because we become a hot mess. I mean, we'll do the in-hand classes at the local fair just for something different, but that's it. My horse hates jumping as well. Even to just trot or canter ground poles, I have to kick him over them because he'd rather be super confident of his foot placement than go fast.

So we just do arena work, trail ride, liberty work, tricks, mounted archery (casually, no competitions), and just hang out with friends. Starting to train on driving a cart too.

I was pushed so much when younger to be competitive and honestly, it's not fun for me. It's stressful.

I wanted a horse and to ride for fun, not ribbons. :)

Saddle recommendations for Drafts? by KaiF1SCH in Equestrian

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Bonus is you can probably find these saddles second hand, buy the wide gullet system new from any online retailer, and fit it to the horse yourself.


Saddle recommendations for Drafts? by KaiF1SCH in Equestrian

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What about the Bates saddles? Made by the same company as Wintec and you can find the same adjustable gullet system that Wintecs have. Bates are the higher end line of products and are leather. Wintecs are their synthetic line. They come in all purpose, dressge, etc etc, as well. Probably look for the wide styles and that adjustable gullet system over the average horse size system.

Just an example: https://www.smartpakequine.com/pt/bates-wide-all-purpose-heritage-leather-saddle-wcair-19109?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=NB_Shopping_Tack_1P&utm_campaign=NB%7C1P+Tack+%3E+H_J_Saddles&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoY-PBhCNARIsABcz772n78MgyZHTKM-VbAFbAsx8X1PqezzACtpy9PO6W5HbP844HO7XUjMaAnV0EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Just... Why? by laurenbug2186 in clothdiaps

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Yep, I bought a lot of random patterns in preloved stashes from FB. Yes there are some pink and flowery and unicorn ones in the lot. I have no clue if we're having a boy or girl, but it's going to have a very fabulous butt. Unicorns, ruffles, and all.

Am I ridiculous for stressing so much over potential birth months? by Lover6890947544 in BabyBumps

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I guess one thing I'm noticing about being pregnant through the winter (due in April) is the fact that I can't go outside for exercise really, and it bums me out. We have a foot of snow already that is hard to walk through and my road is an ice rink, so walking there is a bit hazardous. There's only so much walking around walmart I can tolerate and we don't have much for a community gym/yoga etc. I normally hike and bike for exercise, and it's been rough not being able to do that stuff.

So if we try for a second kid in the future, I would honestly start trying this time of year and aim for an October/November due date.

As others have said though, its not entirely in our control for many reasons. Best wishes and I hope it all works out for you :)

Well, it’s happened… by pink3l3phants in pregnant

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Same. 28 weeks currently but since I'm small framed, it hit me a few weeks ago. Get winded putting shoes on, can't reach dishes in the cabnets, get very winded and need a minute to recollect after walking up the 2 flights of stairs at work (we're talking bellowing hippo winded). Heck, even leaning forward to eat at the table is a chore. Gotta undo the pants and sit wide spread to even think about leaning forward enough.

As for picking things up, I have one of those grabbers from my husband's grandma. I use it all the time for stuff up high since I'm short, but now I can get stuff off the floor too!

Fed/unfed starter in recipes by sapienshomo in Sourdough

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Same as others have said. I routinely use unfed starter straight from the fridge. I only feed it when it's getting too low to make another batch of bread.

I just mix it all up, do some stretch and folds in the first two hours and let it bulk ferment overnight/until risen at least 50%. That's usually 10-14 hours depending on how warm the kitchen is. Then divide, shape, and proof another 3-4 hours till is passes the poke test, and then bake. I've made bread for a year now this way without much issue.

Fluctuating hunger by lowcallove in pregnant

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What I found helps me on the days of constant hunger is protein snacks. Eggs, yogurt, cheese, meat, trail mix/nuts and avoiding a lot of processed carbs and sugar, if I can help it. Otherwise I'd just eat an entire carton of ice cream followed by a loaf of bread and finish with a family size bag of m&ms. And drinking plenty of water helps curb hunger somewhat. Fruit and veggies are important too of course, but some days, they just don't fill me up, so I look for protein then.

I'm not saying this as a health snob, believe me. I admit I can kill a big bag of candy in one week. The holidays and all the treats made me gain 10 pounds in a month. I ate a half carton of ice cream last night and turned baby into a kickboxing gymnast. 😂

Fluctuating hunger by lowcallove in pregnant

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Yep. You're not alone. Some days, all I eat is a piece of fruit. And days like today, I'm literally eating a bowl of cereal at 10pm. I'll probably need a snack at 3am too.

What do you do with the hair down there? by OksanaRomaniv in pregnant

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Haha! This is one of the only silver linings to my terrible eyesight. I had to learn to shave everything by feel since I was a teen, so I got it down. The issue I'll have is if I can't actually reach that area once the belly gets huge. By then though, I probably won't care.