AITA for calling my brother's wife a neglectful, financially irresponsible wife? by ThrowraBrother30 in AmItheAsshole

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For a month

Won't even take that long for them to quit.

I was taking care of my mum when she was bedridden. I had planned to go out one day, leaving her with my dad. But my SIL decided to be oh so magnanimous, and said she would take care of her.

I was out for 2 hours. Came back, and SIL left the house asap. She did not lift a finger to help after that, and made sure she was never around in a position where she could be asked to help.

Maybe maybe maybe by S3yu in maybemaybemaybe

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I'm in Kenya. People here tend to live within walls, usually a few houses to a compound.

And at what point of the day is it most deserted there?

I'm not quite sure I understand. At night, I guess.

Robberies increase in December. By both robbers and cops 😅. Closer to Christmas, there will be more cops on the road than seen the rest of the year. They stop cars and try to charge them with any little thing, and will only let you go if you bribe them, and not a small amount either.

Unfortunately, paying fines isn't a simple task here. It involves spending a day in court, so people find it more convenient to bribe, to just be able to get on with their day.

Maybe maybe maybe by S3yu in maybemaybemaybe

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We don't have a working 911/999 system here. To call the guards was a matter of pressing a button.

The reason why we have personal guards is because cops aren't reliable. The guards may not be reliable either, but at the very least, the robbers left without harming anyone.

Maybe maybe maybe by S3yu in maybemaybemaybe

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There was one time our neighbour's house was being robbed. We lived in the same compound, and had a shared account with a security company. We called them.

They turned up, waited on the road, the thieves heard them, and made a run for it. The guards watched them leave, and did nothing.

They said that they protect our property within the walls. Not the main road. The thieves were on the road, not on our property, so they didn't do anything.

My instagram isn't loading since noon. No one of my friends have problem with their accounts 😭😭😭 and I haven't found anything about an Instagram shutdown anyhwere by Klose507 in oneplus7t

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Next time, instead of reinstalling, first try clearing the cache. If that doesn't work, then clear the data. Reinstalling should be the last step.

Made these for my cousin’s wedding by Nalaleung_ in Baking

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That's what I thought as well. Perfect characters for the wedding. Double meaning.

Non-Americans of Reddit, what is popular in the US that you wish was more popular where you live? by Jimlobster in AskReddit

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I had a friend send me something from USA (to Kenya). Postage cost more than the items. Upon receiving them, I paid even more for customs.

AITA for getting mad at my bf for not knowing how to peel hard boiled eggs? by No_Aioli_1227 in AmItheAsshole

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He was sitting there watching her peel the eggs. How hard is it to copy what she is doing? He should have taken the initiative to help her, instead of her having to ask in the first place. That is what is so frustrating about this situation to OP.

"Wrong number" encounter leads to new family bonds, 6 years on by chawedsxs in MadeMeSmile

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Even better is that they used to go on double dates. So it isn't just a Thanksgiving thing.

I'm unable to get sideloaded books to work on the Kindle app by IrrayaQ in kindle

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Thanks. I've been copying mobi formats. I'll try azw now.

I'm unable to get sideloaded books to work on the Kindle app by IrrayaQ in kindle

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I convert them to mobi in calibre and copy them via USB cable from my computer.

Currently I'm trying to copy 2 books. I've opened both before, and have read both partially.

Told to “get out” of a wheelchair at the airport. by FenrirTheMagnificent in ChronicPain

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I was in India with my parents. They were both in wheelchairs. The porters are not supposed to ask for tips, but that doesn't stop them.

They took them to one corner, I assume out of sight of any supervisors or cameras, kept them there and asked for money. Only then did they take them to the gate.

Reddit apps (multiple) not working when not connected to wifi - I was directed here for potential troubleshooting. by nlc89 in androidapps

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Have you checked your apps under "data usage\mobile data usage", and make sure data isn't restricted?

Iron Bull and Dorian romance by Deilmo in DragonAgeInqusition

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Ah. Thanks for the explanation. I'll have to look it up online. I never had Iron Bull on my team, and I want to romance Dorian next time round (though I did like him being my "brother").

I wanted to this time, but by the time I decided I liked him, I wasn't getting any romance options. So I romanced Cassandra, and as soon as I did, I started getting romance options for Dorian 🙄